Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays people! Stop reading blogs for a few days, turn your pc off, and go spend more time with real people.. go on.. (I’ll try and do the same!)

santa hit by plane

I also received this picture below from Coxsoft Art News. It’s a Banksy called “Dove of Peace”.

banksy dove of peace

I would be wearing a bullet proof vest too if I was a dove of peace in this day and age.

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  1. Ouch. So that’s why I didn’t receive any presents?

  2. Love the flattened Santa!

    Just for the record, the photographer who took the Banksy graffito in Palestine clipped the left wing. I restored the tips of 2 feathers (my guess). You can’t see the join.

    Happy Christmas, all.

  3. I think I like that image more now Ian, knowing where it is painted.

    I like how Banksy thinks. He’s more of a sociologist than an artist.

  4. The “nailed” Santa is great; I sent that as a Christmas card to all my FaceBook friends!

  5. HaPPY christmas to you too :) Love the banksy dove, says it all.

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