Harleston & Waveney Art Trail – Open Studios

For three weekends this July the “Harleston & Waveney Art Trail” is being held in the UK. They’re weekends where a group of artists open up their studio doors to the public. The artists work in different mediums and styles, but are located close to each other as you can walk or bicycle along the art trail.

Harleston & Waveney Art Trail

Earl has taken the art trail and gives the following advice.. “But please try to avoid some of my mistakes. In one lady’s house I was admiring her unmade bed and said I thought it was better than work by Tracy Emin but then her husband yelled and shook his fists at me. I told him he was one of the best performance artists I’d seen in years and he then chucked me out. It was certainly a very moving and emotional experience. The next studio I visited had a very impressive fish tank but I thought comparisons with the work of Mr Hirst were perhaps best left unsaid.”

More information can be found at the Harleston, Norfolk website here. I’m located nowhere near Norfolk or the UK, but I love the idea of a group of artists opening up their studios.

Here’s a list of the artists opening up their studio for the art trail weekends.. (which are the weekends of the 5th/6th, the 12th/13th, and the 19th/20th of July).

1 Harleston Gallery
2 Alan Frewin
3 John Lidzey
4 David Rock
5 Christina Greathead
6 Rosemary Elliott
7 Dom Theobold
8 Jilly Szaybo
9 Poppy Szaybo
10 Ian Scott
11 Jazz Green
12 Val Lindsell
13 Mark Goldsworthy
14 Agnes Compton
15 Alice Paulser
16 Jane Callender
17 Gill Levin
18 Parr & Lyne
19 Noelle Francis
20 Nell Close
21 Timothy Summerson
22 Geoffrey H King
23 Anya King
24 Dee Nickerson
25 John Ogden
26 Nicola Slattery

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  1. LOL, love earls advice :)


  2. Yeah it made me laugh. I thought I better mention the art trail just so I could include Earl’s advice.

  3. I don’t believe this story: what would be the point of yelling at people when you’ve invited them in? Most of the comments we get are about how friendly we all are. Come and see for yourselves. David Page (one of the Trail artists)

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