Heide Hatry Not a Rose

Heidi Hatry at Stux Gallery

I only know of Heide Hatry through her pigskin portraits of people. They were fascinating and intriguing but also weird and a little bit ugly. Her new work at Stux Gallery in New York is delicate and very beautiful, but still gross! Those delicate looking flowers are actually dead animal parts.

Fish innards, pig tongues, lobster gills, duck tongues, cow vaginas, sheep cocks, clams, deer lips, squid bodies, and the list goes on. All used to fashion these beautiful little creations below.

Heide Hatry Not a Rose

This little beauty above is made using duck tongues and the stomach of a bull.

Heide Hatry Flower

This one is still beautiful but you sense there’s something not quite right. And you would be right to sense that as the flowers are made using cicade legs and deer lips.

Heidi Hatry Flowers

Who would have thought pig tongues and lobster antennae could look so good?

Heide Hatry Pigs Ears

And last one, pigs ears. The artist grew up on a pig farm in Germany. She would have had a ready supply of art materials growing up ;-)

The artist says..

“The biological and social purpose of even the demurest flower is seduction. My flowers are also intended to seduce, but only to seduce the unthinking into thought and the thinking into imagining. In creating images of beautiful flowers from animal parts that most of us would find impossible to consume (even though we eat the flesh of those very same animals, most of them victims of mechanized mass slaughter) without a thought. I want subtly to remind my viewer that his or her every act of mindless consumption is an abdication of our moral and ethical substance, to arouse reflection where there had been mere reflex. We want to be seduced by beauty, to permit difficult questions to remain lingering unasked, hidden behind its veil.”

Heide Hatry’s “Not a Rose” is showing at the Stux Gallery in New York but you have to be quick as the exhibition closes on the 3rd of July. You can see more of her work from this series at the Stux Gallery website or the artist has a website here.

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