Helping Artists and Replying to Emails

Hazel Dooney has a new artist blog up and has been thinking about what it is that offends her about getting requests from artists that want help selling their own work.
Firstly, she says..
“There’s nothing in their emails that is actually about art, theirs or mine, and they imply that my focus is more on marketing and sales than creativity and plain old hard work.”

Australian artist Hazel Dooney

And she goes on to explain..
“I make art not only because of a passionate desire to communicate but also a jittery compulsion to make real what resides only in my imagination. And when I have a body of work that is ready to be viewed, finding an audience for it is sure as hell very different to launching a healthier breakfast cereal or a gentler washing-up liquid.” Read the full Post.

I don’t mind artists asking or sharing things about art (or marketing) with me through email, but the thing that bothers me about requests is art students wanting me to do their work for them! Students will even offer money to do their work for them!! I don’t even bother replying to them now, and I don’t feel guilty when I delete their emails.

I also mentioned Hazel’s Artist Print before, and her art site is here.

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  1. In what was do these art students want you to do the job for them?
    What exactly is the job they’re wanting you to do? :) Put their names on your blog?

  2. I’ve had all kinds of requests Nathalie. From writing a whole essay to talking about a particular painting.

    I’m not saying I don’t like any questions from students either, as I don’t mind helping people, but when they want all the work done for them, they’re just going too far.

    Your Picasso cartoon is kinda funny too ;-)


  3. I guess they want the exposure, yeah I can see why you don’t like to do that. Difference between questions and promoting ;)

    Thanks! I got an email about you commenting but my host seems to be down for the moment.

  4. Art students aren’t among the most monied people I know, so if any of you need quick cash (award/gift, NOT borrowed), check these people: has just awarded their 30th Grant Award. Generous George, a giving organization gives out 1 award per day to needy Americans. The awards (maximum amount $1,000.00) are given to people who post their request at and are then awarded by the Generous George editorial board based on the most heartfelt story that day.

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