Hirst no1 on ArtReview List

The ArtReview magazine has released its fourth annual listing of the art worlds most powerful players. British artist Damien Hirst was number 78 on the list of 100 last year, making it quite an impressive jump.
The Art Review Power 100 is not a measure of wealth or paintings sold or prices reached, but a measure of “influence”, which makes it all quite subjective. The list includes artists, art collectors, gallery directors, and other notable arts personalities. This year was the first year that an artist was number 1.
See the top 40 art figures in 2004 that we commented on last year.
The Top Ten Most Influential Arts People 2005

  1. Damien Hirst – British Artist
  2. Larry Gagosian – Art Dealer (Hirst is in the Gagosian stable)
  3. Francois Pinault – Art Auction Christie’s
  4. Nicholas Serota – Tate Gallery in the UK
  5. Glenn D Lowry – (MoMA) The Museum of Modern Art in New York
  6. Eli Broad – Art Collector
  7. Sam Keller – Art fair director
  8. Iwan Wirth – Art dealer
  9. Bruce Nauman – American artist
  10. David Zwirner – Art dealer
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