Hitler’s Art up for Auction

A collection of 21 watercolors and sketches by Adolf Hitler will be up for auction this coming March. The auction house Jefferys in Lostwithiel estimates that they will make up to one hundred thousand pounds from the sale.

I haven’t seen much of Adolf Hitler’s art, but what I have seen was pretty un-impressive. The rage of the dictator may have just been an expression of his failure as an artist. If only young Adolf could have sold a few more paintings in his time, or taken to expressionism, he may not of had to lash out at everyone. A little less time mocking the expressionists and more time being one could have let him vent his anger at the canvas instead of the people.
hitler art auction

Unknown Hitler paintings head for sale room
“The collection came to light after being kept in a suitcase in a Belgian attic for nearly 70 years, close to where Hitler served near the border with France.” Telegraph

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  1. Hitler probably should be considered an expressionist, I think. What he lacked compared to other expressionist artists was a color theory or developed aesthetic. Nonetheless, I would like to see some of these paintings and it does not seem right to keep them off the market because of what Hitler was as a nationalist politician. The text of your blog on this repeatedly has “could of” where you should have written “could have.”

  2. Thanks for the english lesson Don. I wish spell-check did more than just check spelling!

  3. Anonymous says:

    How do they know these aren’t fakes?


  1. [...] piece of morbid history at a recent art auction that sold 21 works “attributed” to the German dictator Adolf Hitler. Bidders came from as far away as Russia and Estonia to the Jefferys auctioneer’s premises in [...]

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