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Home is worth the long wait if you have a slow internet connection. The makers of the film have more videos on their YouTube page.

I stopped reading books and news on the environment a while ago as they’re just too depressing, but with this one they at least throw in a little hope towards the end. Even if you’re not interested in the environment and think the planet is doing just fine, it’s worth watching for the spectacular landscapes. We do live on an amazing piece of rock.

I wish someone would tell environmentalists and green groups that fear doesn’t work with everyone. You can hit me with a stick all day and I won’t move an inch but if you dangle a carrot in front of me I’ll get up and do something about it.

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  1. National Geographic bugs me for that reason. The photography is gorgeous, but I’ve nicknamed the magazine “National Depressographic” for its heavy-handed treatment of subjects like the environment. They’ll barrage you with depressing, dooming images of species being eradicated, ice caps melting, the world ending–but rarely do they offer a suggestion for what to do to help stop it.

    It’s refreshing to see an environmentally aware piece that presents the problem, with a push for solution.

  2. Yeah, it’s much easier to present problems than it is to come up with some solutions Ren. Fear probably get’s more attention than hope or constructive thinking does, so in some ways I see where they’re coming from.

    I unsubscribed from everything relating to the environment as I don’t need crap like that in my life. I watch the news when I want to feel overwhelmed, not voluntarily subscribe or support organizations to make me feel like crap.

    They wouldnt be picked up by the media as much if their stories weren’t scary. We all have angles.

  3. The environemntalists get carried away and would like to see nothinhg bu giant national parks where or no one is allowed to enter except themselves! Oops! Sorry! But I do get angry! All that is needed is that we travel this beautiful planet, enjoy its many wonders, and take care of it as we go, not attempt to keep it all in a so-called pristine condition

  4. Where are ou at Dionysys? Hung over from your feat upon all that animal flesh above?

    My wife just bought herself a huge monitor great to watch this now, teh cinematography is fantastic. Especially when in silent mode, the tradition of strident lesbian monologue(Alan Alda, Peter Coyote). They always act like we are at the pinacle of the Earths history, that we are that “link in teh chaine” of life on Earth, of which we are simply on species, the link verbiage only relevant within our own culture, not of Natures. Everything looks nice and clean and neat from the sky also, not involving the heat, bugs and muck of teh earth as in true life.

    It is a beautiful voyeurism, apart, seperated by technology, and so contributing to the problem. But it is beautiful, and great to watch. With the sound off.

    I hope your Bacchanal has ended, adn teh hangover of an overload of protein, fat and alcohol has made its way through your body, adn gotten the poison out.

    Blog something boy!The Earth will go one, and evolve, it is tough, and never stable. It has frozen over completely before and created much of the oil we use now, and life returned bigger and more diverse than before, the planet controls the surface much more than we ever will.


  5. I’m still kicking Donald. I just had to do nothing for a while.

    There are some wonderful scenes in the video.

    Will try and post more stuff. I had my break. Time to get off my butt and do something again.

  6. curious about the comments re environmentalists, national geographic and so forth. We have a beautiful world, despite droughts, floods, earthquakes, famines, greed and a host of other issues. I have a question, something for everyone to think about. All this wonderful land set aside for national parks and such like…what happens to it in the future? what hppens to the overgrowth… for it will overgrow? An xample: In Australia major fires earlier this year destroyed homes and lives. Much of this would not have happened if the national parks surrounding these areas had been maintained so that the bush was not overgrown ready to explode as a eualytpus environment does when its the height of summer.

  7. Maintaining and cutting down the bush are often the same thing in the eyes of many people. I dont think we have the right to cut down trees just because we Australians have no idea how to deal with bushfires. It would be nice to figure out to control these massive fires though.

    The bush was here before us. It doesnt need us, we need it.

  8. trouble is man has interferred with the bush consequently the growth of mstnational parks comprises many new saplings and thickets of cacias and ther such scrub…that’s the overgrowth… there is no such thing as a pristine environment for we have interferred with it before it was turned into a national park..think about that and go read some of the early maps of these parks where some were used for tree-cutting, farming, pastoral activities, mining,even hunting..for much of the land also can be taken back up by govt if mineral etc was found there

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