Hunter Valley Flood Photos

I have a really good excuse for not posting much lately. The region that I live in has been flooded. So I had to evacuate for a few days while the danger of being flooded passed. Thankfully the river that passes through Maitland didn’t rise as high as expected and my home stayed dry, but a lot of rural and lower lying homes went under.

So, the usual art news should resume tomorrow. Here’s some photos of the Maitland floods and Newcastle storms that were submitted by listeners to the ABC radio here.

hunter valley flood photo
Testers Hollow photo by Steve McGrath

hunter valley flood photo
Aerial photo of flood waters at Branxton by Daniel Conway

hunter valley flood photo
Photo of flooding at Lambs Valley in the Hunter Valley by Damian Hogan

hunter valley flood photo
Flood waters in Maitland Photo by Ross Wonderley

hunter valley flood photo
The coal ship the Pasha Bulker washed onto Nobbys Beach in Newcastle, Photo by Kim Bennett

hunter valley flood photo
Another view of the Pasha Bulker washed onto Nobbys Beach in Newcastle, Photo by William Magin

hunter valley flood photo
Calm after the storm Photo by Carl Buzek

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  1. In my oppinion that is not an excuse it’s a reason. TOTALLY DIFFERENT! I’m glad that your alright. :) I hope that everything works out. :)

  2. Well, I suppose a biblical style disaster is a good enough excuse. ;)

    I’m glad to hear that you and your home are alright. Stay dry and good luck.

  3. yep, I suppose I will forgive you ;) I was wondering where you got to. Glad you’re okay.

  4. That looks like a pretty big flood there, so hopefully there wasn’t too much damage, and all is ok.

  5. Can’t believe that tanker washed right up on your shores, that’s a 50million dollar delivery on your doorstep :)

  6. Hi all,

    My family is at Kersley near Cessnock, havent been able to get through to them and I am overseas in China. Just wondering if aynone knows what the state of that area is in?


  7. Valdemar says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  8. Hey Gareth, I wouldnt be too concerned. I’m not sure about Kersley, but the waters are going down and things are getting back to normal in most places.


  9. Good to know you’re okay!

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