Hunter Valley Winery and Nelson Bay Photos

It’s good to get away from everyday life once in a while, even if it’s just for a couple days and not too far away. There’s not much art news in this post, but I felt like posting some photos.

At the end of last week I went on my own mini wine tour in the Hunter Valley, which is less than 45 minutes drive from where I am now. The Hunter Valley is best known for its Shiraz and Semillon wines. I then went to a place called Nelson Bay, which is also about 45 minutes from where I live, but close to beaches and the ocean.

my car in the shade
I stopped at Petersons Wines cellar door at Mount View and parked in the shade.

hunter valley vineyards
Here’s a closer view of their vineyards.

back block shiraz 2000
I ended up buying a bottle of “Back Block Shiraz” 2000 and a bottle of Merlot from Petersons Wines, so I guess you could say I’m a red wine drinker.

Angry Magpie
This little guy is a Magpie. During nesting season the parents will protect their young by attacking you from behind. This young one wasn’t very happy with me taking his photo, but his mother wasn’t too bothered as she kept on looking for bugs in the grass while I chased her little one around with a camera.

Laughing Kookaburra
This guy is a Kookaburra, taken outside the place I was staying at in Nelson Bay. They make a loud laughing sound which is pretty bizarre for those that haven’t heard it before.

photo of the ocean and rocks
This was just a couple minutes walk from where I was staying.

Sea slug in a rock pool
This slimey little guy is a Sea Slug found in a rock pool (it’s not a good idea to be touching things in rock pools in Australia though, as a lot of stuff can cause serious pain or death!).

Rock Formation
Rock formation that looks like a face.. See the eyes, nose and mouth? Or do I just have an active imagination?

pelican on a light post
This Pelican looked quite comfortable sitting on the light post.

australian native flower
Australian native Grevillea in flower.

And that’s the end of my little photo journey..

About Dion

Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. nice pics
    i could see the face in the rock too so youre not going crazy

  2. Rock looks like bart simpson with his eye closed lol! Love the pic of the Kookaburra, such a wierd bird :)

  3. That’s comforting to know CJ! ;-)

    I agree Jafabrit. Looks like a really early version of Bart Simpson.

    And yeah, the Kookaburra is a fascinating bird. I wish I could have recorded one laughing. Sausages and pieces of meat have been known to disappear from picnic tables when theyre hungry too. I got quite close to this one before he flew away.

  4. Lovely pics. We live in Cape Town and often go visiting wine farms taking photographs. Interesting to see some Australian places – I believe you make some quite good wine out there! We are also red wine lovers although a crisp fruity white goes down very well on a hot summers day. We have snow on our mountains at the moment so the reds are in.

  5. Putting red wine in the fridge is good on hot days too Carol. Wine purists probably wouldnt do it, but I enjoy it.


  6. Sometimes a drive within one hours drive can be a whole vacation for the mind. I really enjoyed your photos. I, too, am a red winer lover and viewing the vineyard is a delight. The photo of the ocean and rocks was a beautiful painting to me. It is a scene I am very familiar with and just love. You captured it beautifully. Continued success with you photography.

  7. Thanks Erb.

    I wouldn’t consider myself a photographer though. I use a digital camera with lots of memory and just point and click at anything that is even remotely interesting.

  8. What great photos! I would die to see those birds…both the magpie and the Kookaburra. That so so cool. I remember that song…Kookaburra sitting in the old gum tree….

  9. Thanks Patricia.

    There’s definately some fascinating birds in Australia. It’s a place filled with all kinds of strange and interesting creatures.


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