I am Not an Anarchist – Rant

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Since starting up Art News Blog again I have been called an anarchist, irreverent, a misogynist, an ass, various obscenities, and probably a few other names that I just cant recall right now. I used to keep a folder of hate email that I received from all kinds of colorful people but I ended up deleting it as I thought the energy of keeping the emails was attracting more of it.. or it was encouraging me to write more offensive things so I could continue to add to my collection lol. But to be honest, I don’t know where all the hostility comes from! I could be kidding myself, but I thought I was a reasonably nice guy.. admittedly with a low tolerance for bullshit, but generally kind and considerate.

The first few hate mails bothered me years ago when I first received them but then I quickly realized it’s not me, it’s the idiot who wrote the email! ;-) My harshest critics used to be art scammers from Africa because I used to publish a list of their emails online, radical feminists when my quota of female artists being mentioned on the blog wasn’t adhered to, prudes that didn’t like nudity, and various religious bots defending their fairytales. There was the occasional unstable artist abuse me but that didn’t happen often as I try not to say too much about bad art. I try to mostly post art that I like, or am at least neutral about, unless it’s really bad and famous art.

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My most recent fan mail referred to me as an anarchist and told me that nobody wants to hear what I think about politics. He also called me un-American, which is an odd thing to call me as I’m actually Australian. I’m also not an anarchist. I’m a very harsh critic of every politician on this planet as every single one of them is either certifiably psychopathic or they’re pathetic weaklings committing crimes against humanity with their inaction. From presidents of countries down to mayors of small towns, I believe every single one of them should spend the rest of their lives in slave labor camps to pay for their part in the devolutionary spiral that humanity finds itself in right now. I believe we do need a government to manage a country and to deal with other countries, but they must be servants of right thinking people and they should not be psychopaths or sociopaths. Our useless plutocracies are just mad psychopathic servants (politicians) to even crazier psychopaths (banksters and big business) and we wonder why the world has gone mad!

I have also been mistaken for an atheist because I’m not a fan of religion, but nothing could be further from the truth. I see god as energy, as life, as you and me! My god doesn’t hide in the clouds and demand that I read some silly old book filled with fear and hate, my god just is. I don’t need to be filled with fear to motivate me to not kill my neighbor, I just listen to my conscience! I also don’t need karma to motivate me to do good, I just do it or I don’t and I arrive at the same destination. I do ‘pray’ though if you want to call it that, but I don’t beg for things or ask for forgiveness, I just concentrate on desired outcomes and seek guidance. It’s more like a meditative thinking, but I guess you could call it prayer too. So, you can keep the man-made spiritual prisons that old psychopaths from hundreds or thousands of years ago dreamed up and I’ll keep my energy life god of today :-)

Anyway, enough ranting for one day.. I think I will sleep well tonight. I forgot how therapeutic blogging can be!

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