I Love Painting

Up until a few week ago I hadn’t painted for about 18 months as I didn’t have a studio to paint in. Since being back in the studio and using oil paints I have noticed that I used to take painting for granted. I used to just do painting and not realize what a special privilege it is to be doing something that I love doing so much.

Here’s what I love about painting..

  • I love the new white canvas; attacking it with dripping paint, just to give me some idea of the composition and to cover up the white. I have heard that some artists can be scared by a new canvas, but I learned to love new white canvases as I can remember a time when I couldn’t afford them.
  • I love watching a painting grow. I use oils and just keep building up a painting over several weeks or months, with the finished painting often looking nothing like I expected.
  • I love how music sounds so much better when you’re painting. You feel the music rather than just hear it, which makes it so much more interesting.
  • I love paintings that almost finish themselves. They’re the ones that are finished quickly and just feel right.
  • I love paintings that drag on and never really feel finished. They’re the ones that frustrate you, never feel right, and exist just to try your patience.
  • I love dancing by myself in front of the easel, even though I can’t dance and usually only ever try to after a bottle of red wine.
  • I love the smell of oil paints.
  • I love Payne’s grey/gray.
  • I love how oils are thick or thin, wet or dry, light or dark, transparent or opaque..
  • I love the.. spiritual moments that I don’t know how to describe.. or are they just the crazy moments?.. lol
  • I love sitting and looking.
  • I love pacing the studio, looking at things from different angles, turning things upside down, moving things around.
  • I love it when the dogs come in to say hello while I’m painting.

I can’t believe it took me more than 18 months to get back into a studio!

About Dion

Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. Oh my … you sound like my husband. Great writing and great post. I wish my guy would get back to painting soon. It is so hard to keep at the things we love once we start paying bills. Good for you for finding your way back.

  2. Donald Frazell says:

    I find drawing far more relaxing, painting is hard work, as the preliminaries change and working out the relationships of melody, harmony and rhythm difficult. Drawing is all melody, when done strictly as such. In the past it pained me, as they were all for paintings, and was dying to get to work, but hadnt the time.
    Been drawing more realistically, then changing for simple bathers paintings in small sizes, for me. 22×28. With one of my wife leaving a bathtub, in a somewhat Bonnard style, except with glistening burnt sienna skin and different color sense.
    Was drawing water lillies at the Getty villa Sunday, and taking life drawing sessions. Very relaxing, focused, and can use the best as basis for the paintings. The modern works are toil, and simplifying the complexities exhausting. And not always fruitful. Pure color is difficult to manage, without muddying things as transitions.
    But is good to paint again, work in the back porch, and store in the garage. The wife is an excellent graphic cesigner, and we feed off one another.
    Good to have you back working, but again, things have changed. Getting back to our garden is important, to grow from the roots up. Candide is an excellent read in these times.

  3. Christine says:

    About that bottle of red wine. Sounds like it worked a treat.

  4. So Happy for you. Your article drips happiness.

  5. Beautiful.

  6. Paying the bills is the thief of so many dreams Rebecca. It’s so great to be back doing what I love doing though.

    Drawing was my first passion Donald. Painting is much more forgiving though, so I don’t feel the pressure to perform. I still love to draw, but painting is a much more intimate partner ;-)

    Also, I never did read Candide. I’ll grab a copy at the library if I notice it.

    Christine, a good bottle of red wine always works a treat ;-)

  7. oh, how I relate and I am so glad you have gotten back into the studio and can feel that joy.
    YEs, drips happiness is a GREAT description.

    I love the smell of a studio and getting lost in painting and creating.

    I have read Candide err, well many moons ago, but I remember it as being an excellent read :)

  8. So will you post pictures of your paintings?

  9. I may post some from time to time Janet.

    Your spam toons continue to make me laugh too.

  10. I love painting, but I never find it relaxing. After I finish I’m always drained mentally and physically. For me a painting is a battle of wills between image, paint and the inner critic. I want to see the paint, I want to see the image and while I must listen to the inner critic I must also ignore him.
    It is the fight, the battle that keeps me coming back. Winning is creating something worthwhile. Fail and face the darkness that cannot be faced. The stakes for creating art cannot be higher.

  11. Inspirational post that really captures the joy that keeps Artists going back to their canvases. Can’t wait to see some of the resulting paintings…

  12. Thanks for the inspiration!!! I am at the same point you are at… I haven’t painted for about 3 months and I miss it so much.

    You mirrored exactly how I feel…

    The challenge of a blank canvas; the paintings that work (and don’t); feeling more depth to life when painting through music, or just the art of creating… It’s magic!

    Thanks for the sharing your thoughts. Now, I need to get back to the easel!

    All the best… Mark


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