Iku For You – Art Print

Hazel Dooney has released a free art print for download to celebrate her 400th blog post. It’s available for 30 days and she’ll sign and inscribe it for you if you send your print to her studio.

Hazel Dooney Art Print

It’s not quite as sexy as her last print, so you could probably even use the printer at work if its better than your home printer.

The work is a drawing called “Iku, For You” which means I’m coming for you.

The print can be downloaded Here. There’s also postal details of her studio on the same page if you wish to get it signed by the artist.

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Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. Now that is using the power of the net! Good marketing as well.

  2. I dare not print this picture in front of my boss!

  3. ooh la la! I agree with balhatain, very good marketing :)

  4. Nic, youre probably right. It would have to be an understanding boss. Compared to the last print though, it’s tame ;-)

    And yeah, I love the internet. It has set many artists free from the bondage of art galleries. I’m not saying we shouldnt have art galleries, but they should be a choice, rather than the life or death of an artists career.

  5. Donald Frazell, skeptic supreme says:

    Kinda dissapointing, i can do better and make more drwing like that in an afternoon. Still illustration, and not much better than those japanese types which are obvioulsy easy everyone does them.

    maybe i’ll create an alter ego, and do porn. Drawing is a lost art. but hers lacks real sensuality, so guess it makes it safe. Real passion is the last thing the art world wants. But she has shown flashes of talent, just too caught up in herself.

    I know, I know, always negative. Stop me when I’m wrong.


  6. In fact I have no boss, I am independent ;-)
    (and painter). But I feel a little to be a voyeur looking at this picture. What is probably intended.
    The approach of “download” a drawing is interesting, and I would be interested to see the different prints of this one around the world (laser, inkjet, high quality, low quality, etc.).
    Otherwise, there are also alternative exhibition places around the well-established galleries.
    Thank you for your blog which I am fan. And sorry for my imperfect English ;-)

  7. donald you are such a party pooper, I really think you should join shit pants below and scream at the monitor image while wearing panty hose on the lower half of your bod. Please don’t tell me you are already doing that? Performance artist!

  8. Donald Frazell aka LBC says:

    On the blogospher i am. Needs a little, takes itself soooo damn seriously. Needs to be pimpslapped once in awhile. Being from the LBC, thats my specialty, honed it blasting crazed dads and racists and wannabes on basketball sites for years, as I coached all my kids to college ball , on socalhoops.com They still dont know who I am, or my kids were, except the few who actualy new ball and me.

    That was fun, now taking my schtick to the inbred and hyper sensitive art world. It is soooo much easier. Though I used to battle three and four at a time there, and so developed my lovely typing skills into the wonderous perfection they are. Just take on wannabe coach dad, now THATS entertainment.

    Have a lovely day!

  9. I did have a lovely day thanks :)

  10. Doanld, if you are yelling at the monitor naked and wearing pantyhose over your head like our friend in the last post, you should get it on film and share it with us all. I know there’s performance artist inside you just waiting to come out Donald!..lol

    Corrine, if I ever mention Alexander Brener again, I might call him “shit pants” if you don’t mind..lol.

    Nic, I can’t criticise the imperfect english of others if my own isn’t perfect, so don’t worry about it.

  11. Nah, not a wannabe Joe Namath. More like basketball shorts, ProClubXX and always Adidas shell toe, black. They sponsored our travel teams.

    Actually, that would be dressing like a Long Beach kid, except they wer 5XL Ts on their skinny frames, but usually basketball shorts when warm. Nasty old ones when tending the garden. But I do clean up well, though never with the pantyhose. Would interfere with my wine consumption.

    See ya Monday, and check out my stuff at Brians, got the jazz stuff up now too. Getting a small coitorie of Modern artists together, only about five on the site, got two aboard so far. It is time for it to return, and the internet just may help to avoid the marketers. Funny, as I hate electronic gadgets. A Luddite at heart.

    And maybe an alter ego porn site as well. You never know.

    Dont go bush yet.

  12. Yeah, I’m off for the weekend too. I need to get some salt air in my lungs. My battery supply runs low if I don’t see the ocean for a while.

    Will smuggle a bottle of red or two with me too.

  13. Gawd! Not another exhibitionist doing a dump!


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