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painting studio

When I restarted Art News Blog at the beginning of this month I told myself that I wouldn’t make it my own personal diary and would just stick to regular art news, but blaaah, where’s the fun in that? There’s a whole bunch of regular art news sites out there doing great jobs and I don’t wish to compete with them. I just post stuff that interests me and my studio interests me! So here’s what I’m doing in the studio..

I started working on clouds a few weeks ago. The past few months I have been in love with clouds! I never realized just how beautiful they are. So I thought, screw this, I’m painting clouds for the next year or two!

They’ll end up being more about paint than clouds, but clouds will be my starting point. I don’t think I have finished any yet, but this one below is probably closest to being finished..

painting of clouds

A couple small unfinished clouds and a self portrait that never seems to finish!

cloud paintings

I would rather paint than clean the studio ;-)

messy studio

I hate stretching canvases almost as much as I hate cleaning paint brushes. Not much else interests me about being an artist other than the act of painting itself. I love painting, thinking about painting, and looking at paintings.. the rest is a drag.

rolls of canvas

Here’s a picture I finished earlier in the year with an awesome new/old suitcase below it.

painting and old suitcase

I started sharing artist studios when I was working on Art News Blog previously and had more ready to post but lost all of my emails! It’s something I’ll probably add to in the future as I love peeking into other art studios. Here’s my old studio from 2009.

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Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. Hi Dion, wow been such a long time (friend of leith omalley in whyalla) i came upon this blog by accident glad i did great stuff to read. I was thinkng of your work the other day after looking again at the small head study i have of yours. So much more colour in your more recent work. Ill definately bookmark this site, so much interesting stuff,

    • Oh hi Karl, yes it has been ages! And yeah I still have your little landscape here too. I’m not good with parting with works once I own them ;-)
      I see you have been selected in the Whyalla art prize this year too. Good luck with it!

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