Indian Child Prodigy Shorya Mahanot

6 year old child prodigy

It seems child prodigies are becoming more common by the day. I recently mentioned the 3 year old artist prodigy Iris Grace Halmshaw and looked at what grown up artists could learn from the mini artists. Well here’s another artist prodigy, a 6 year old boy from India named Shorya Mahanot.

At six years old he’s already a pro, having had his first solo exhibition at age 4. His abstract expressionist work has been compared to Jackson Pollock, which would probably make poor old Mr Greenberg roll over in his grave ;-)

In visual arts, prodigies don’t count. In music and literature, yes, but not in art. Clement Greenberg

Here’s some of the little Indian prodigy’s paintings..

6 year old child prodigy

This 24 by 36 inch work was done when the artist was 5 years old. It’s called Currents.

shorya mahanot painting

Another 24×36″ painting. Called Green Rising it is said to be a painting of “joy and inspiration.” Age Six.

artist prodigy painting

Watercolors of Life is a smaller painting at 18×24 inches. Still giant for a four year old!

red painting

Wild and Red is 18×24″ and was painted at age five.

My opinion on the Indian child prodigy Shorya Mahanot? Well the paintings are fine. I would hang the “Wild and Red” painting on my wall and I’m fussy about what hangs on my walls. But I’m a skeptic. I don’t believe in anything more than 10 minutes old. If I’m listening to a politician give a 30 minute speech I have already disbelieved two thirds of it by the end of it ;-)

Don’t listen to me though, go see more of Shorya’s work at his website here.

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