International Space Station Live Earth View

international space station photo

I know there’s not much art in space but sitting up there in the International Space Station and watching the world roll by is really quite meditative, which is somewhat art related, kind of. It’s too late now anyway, I have already started writing this post so I can’t back out. From above the planet looks so peaceful. If you were an alien you’d never guess that earth is infested with such horrible, war loving creatures. Sure, there’s a few loving and peaceful creatures among us but none with any power or influence over how our systems operate. We just flew over Australia and are doing a flyby of New Zealand as we speak, all in darkness, which is even more meditative. I’m now waiting for the sunrise over near South America :-)

The ISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment was started on the 30th of April, 2014. The camera is mounted on the External Payload Facility of the European Space Agency’s Columbus module, which means nothing to me as I’m not a space geek, I just love looking up. They’re not doing this for our benefit either, all they’re interested in is testing the effects of the space environment on the cameras and equipment, so don’t go thinking you’re all special and stuff.

Alongside the live camera view is a screen showing the location and trajectory of the International Space Station.

iss hd earth viewing cameraHere we are heading over the North West of Australia. I wish international flights were as fast as the space station!

international space station pictureHere’s a picture of the ISS. You can’t see this view from the camera though.. I just thought I would have a closer look at it.

live earth view from spaceHere comes the sun and South America! I wish I could reach around and wipe the camera lens clean!

beautiful blue planetThe beautiful blue planet. We’re so lucky to live on this wonderful little rock hurtling through infinite space together.

space photosOne more view from the space station, heading on over to Europe now.

I have been around the planet twice today. I should probably get a life or leave the house more often but I always seem to be busy doing one thing or another. Hop on board the International Space Station with me at the ISS earth viewing website here or the NASA website here (it’s the same camera view, just different features on the pages).

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