Jackson Pollock at the Guggenheim

An update on the last post about the Jackson Pollock site online. I mentioned that there were no colors to choose from, but there is. You just have to click your mouse and the color will change.
So, here’s my work in color (yes, it says “art”)

jackson pollock fun

Irv also mentioned the Jackson Pollock exhibition of works on paper at the Guggenheim in New York.
“Both drippers and anti-drippers who are serious about 20th century art will find the exhibition of works on paper by Pollock rewarding viewing at the Guggenheim in NYC. There is something of a family relationship with the painter since Peggy supported him for a time in his worst days in return for which the museum can now boast of adequate coverage of his career in this medium.” Irv

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  1. Speaking of fun, while the latest take on contemporary art at MoMA (NYC) may arouse some resistance, there are those who do not want to watch a full day of the Empire State Building just standing there (Warhol) or a naked man (may have been two people but one was definitely male)diving into a body of water shown on 6 or 7 screeens not synchronized with each other(Viola) but everyone should enjoy listening to a real player piano, playing authentic sounding piano rolls while something like 15 smallish TV monitors focus on its outer and inner workings as well as some random behavior from people we do not know.It is the creation of Nam June Paik and stands at the head of the escalator taking people to the second floor first of the exhibition floors. I must say listening to it put a spring in my step and brought my fortitude to the proper pitch to go once more to see a 1960′s Frank Stella sight illusion which apears to be right out of a book I gave to my niece’s youngsters containing 270 pages by a psychologist illustrating how one can delude and delight the eyes. On the fourth floer there are a number of Bridget Riley pieces which might well be from the same book. Both artists provide us with amusement and bemusement, although Stella’s is more fun due to its striking colors. If these seem to you like the Coney Island of my youth in the 30′s and 40′s, try the movie gallery where you can see a slowed down version of Hitchcock’s Psycho which takes 24 hours to in its entirety (Douglas Gordon).
    (Note: I speak of MOMA with fondness. Whether one agrees with the conception of Modern Art that underlies the selection and organization on the floors devoted to the permanent collection, one can be sure of finding much for which to be grateful. The fact that one does not get to see their first rate Hyman Bloom’s or Peter Blumes (one of my favorites in the 40′s when it was always on display)is regretable but not unique in a museum world in which there are fashions and a large proportion of holdings will never again find their way out of storage to be seen by the general public unless selected by curators for deaccession.)

  2. “The dance of Painting”

  3. Anonymous says:

    How would someone get into contact with you about some of your art?

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