Jay Z’s Picasso Baby Performance

jay z picasso baby

During my 3 year hibernation I was still keeping up with what was happening, but my slothful ways always won out when I would sit down to learn how to move the blog from Blogger to WordPress. During one failed Art News Blog comeback, which was motivated by my falling asleep while browsing art news, I came up with an excellent tagline for ANB: More Art, Less Masturbation!

Not that I have anything against masturbation, I like it as much as the next person, but much of what passes for arts writing or the art itself is just one big wank. Which is also fine, but lets not pretend it’s anything more than a wank.

I decided against the More Art, Less Masturbation tagline for Art News Blog as I’m trying to be less in your face and more accommodating, which may or may not work out. I am what I am. :-)

With that said, here’s Jay Z’s “art” performance, Picasso Baby..

Did that put you to sleep too? Getting back to my tagline, it would also be a great name for an art magazine.. or at the very least, an art blog. More Art, Less Masturbation.

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