Jeff Carter at Expressmover and Janet Gillian

Just a quick post to try and rank on Google for two active art scammers at the moment. I have been getting emails and new comments on old art scammer posts about “Janet Gillian” and “Jeff Carter” of Expressmover.

Janet Francis has magically morphed into Janet Gillian and is busy trying to scam artists at the moment.

Jeff Carter of Expressmover or Express Mover has been their imaginary delivery man for a while now. Expressmover is a fictional mover invented by a Janet or a Jeff.. who knows. The names are not so important, it’s their method of scamming artists which is most important. Janet Francis turns into Janet Gillian and Expressmover might be Express Packages next week.

This particular little group of cockroaches seem to like the names Janet and Jeff. My apologies to most Jeffs and Janets out there, but if a Janet or Jeff contact you using worse English than mine, make sure you ask them to pay with and they’ll scurry away back to their dark and sad little holes where they belong.

Here’s a comment by an artist..

I have just been royally scammed by “Janet Gillian”. I was about to contact the FBI when I decided to google the address of the mover. Yes, all “her” emails are almost identical to those posted. I believe she got me for $2700. I received a check via UPS overnight in an amount which was $2700 over my asking price. The check was drawn on Lowe’s Inc. Same story–the overage was to cover moving costs and should be wired to the moving company before they come to pick up. I asked for a contact name for the movers who would be picking up and ignored the fact that I never got one. I am feeling really foolish even though my instincts told me there were strange inconsistencies. I could rationalize all of them away on the basic notion that this is an honest person. My question now is what to do. Someone mentioned contacting the company the check was drawn on. How does one do that? Who do I contact at Lowe’s Inc.? I will go to my bank and the bank the check was drawn on to see if they can do any investigative work. Otherwise, I would appreciate concrete feedback.

By the way, here are the names they used:

Janet Gillian:
Jeff (“her” “husband”) he actually
called me! Maybe I spoke to
the real “Janet”
James Carter, the moving agent
who signed “his” name Jeff
Jeff Moll whose name was on the
check from Lowe’s

“She” told me they were moving from NJ to “Jo’burg” and actually gave me both addresses so I could put them on my mailing list. I could quite understand why the check came from Lowe’s in North Carolina. (Red flag ignored!)

When I got her first email I googled her but couldn’t put anything together. I got to this site by googling “expresmover kings cross”

Thank you so much for all your comments. Any advice anyone can give me would help me regain a little confidence.

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  1. I’ve had a run-in with this particular scam as well ( While the scammers’ names were different the tune was still the same. They offered to buy a couple of pieces and then made arrangements for my gallery contacts to settle with the delivery company via an overage on the check for the purchase. They take advantage of the delay in the check approval process to screw hard-working people out of their artwork and money. To me people like this are less than cockroaches in my opinion and should be dealt with accordingly… preferably with a bootheel. But perhaps that’s just me.

    I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had to experience these insects first-hand and hope for the best for your future. Here’s a good resource for the future, It’s saved me a couple of times.
    Best of luck!

  2. Jill Mulry says:

    After getting the run around and no significant answers from my customer, Crystal Dana, who was moving from Lyndhurst, NJ to South Africa… and receiving a check for almost $1500 (also from Lowe’s) above the asking price, I finally did a google for the cartage company with Jeff Carter and James Carter of Express Movers and arrived here.
    This is crazy! Although, I’ve had a feeling for a couple of weeks that something was “way to strange” about an order from a customer moving to South Africa who wouldn’t answer any direct questions, I could find nothing on Google about my customer.
    Fortunately for me, I chose not to do anything until everything was varified. In the meantime, much too much effort has gone into trying to make a decent sale.
    Live and learn. I was lucky. I will contact the FBI or whomever they recommend.
    Whew… Jill Mulry

  3. Well, after posting my last comment, the UPS truck arrived with an unsigned cheque in the amount of $3,500 way over the price of the painting drawn on the Suntrust Bank of Richmond VA, by a company called Hargrove Inc. Obviously Betty Moore received my signature from UPS because within 10 minutes there was her email wanting confirmation of the cheque’s arrival. I replied “I will notify the authorities of your scam. Have not heard anything since. Let’s hope more of us do this. Get rid of cockroaches……

  4. Good for you Martha. I just wish the authorities would do something about these people!

  5. This is what these companies have tried to do to me, they sometimes get you to cash a check for more than the work and pay them the balance. Then 2 weeks down the road the check bounces. The main reason I onoly accept payment through paypal. Thanks for sharing.

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