Jeff Koons and Dom Perignon Bottle

jeff koons dom perignon bottle design

Two luxury brands are teaming up to provide us with a wonderful discount or they’re out to rob us blind, depending on which way you look at it. If you see it as a 15,000 Euro bottle of bubbly you will feel robbed, but if you see it as an opportunity to buy your own Jeff Koons sculpture you will probably feel like you are getting a bargain at about $20,000 USD.

I think it’s a bit of both. It’s a beautiful object by Jeff Koons and I’m sure the 2003 vintage of Dom PĂ©rignon’s Rose tastes pretty awesome, but I could also buy a brand new Mazda3 for less than the price of it! Honestly, it is just a bottle of rose and a pretty souvenir to keep in the cupboard.

But it’s not for people like me that don’t own private jets, so I should look at it differently. Me, the billionaire, would probably buy 6 of them. I would drink 3 and keep the other 3 to show my billionaire buddies and perhaps try to sell them for 3 times what I paid for them in a few years time. They will increase in value.

jeff koons dom perignon design

It is a thing of beauty. Whatever you think of it, you can’t say it’s hard to look at.

dom perignon and jeff koons bottle

Here’s the Jeff Koons sculpture that was used as the inspiration for the Dom Perignon bottle design. Venus of Willendorf is the name of the Koons sculpture.

Jeff Koons Dom Perignon design

The man himself. Jeff Koons looking like a rabbit frozen by car headlights ;-) I wonder what the original sculpture is worth..

So, if you do want a Dom Perignon Balloon Venus by Jeff Koons, you have to put your order in now. It’ll set you back about 15,000 Euro or 20,000 USD. There will only be 650 of them made worldwide. They’re all handmade and hand polished in France. Orders will start being delivered in September, this year. See the Dom Perignon website here for more details, including a video of Koons talking about the design.

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