Jeff Koons Egg

Jeff Koons will be showing twenty new sculptures and sixteen paintings at the Gagosian gallery in London. The new works are meant to celebrate things like birthdays and holidays.

A Gagosian press release describes the cracked blue egg pictured to the left, in this way.. “With its impressive scale, pure lines and flawless, highly reflective surface Cracked Egg (Blue) resonates with iconic significance.”

jeff koons blue egg

And here’s a quote by Jeff Koons that relates to the new new Celebration works by the artist..

“When I was about five years old, I would go after school to this little building, like a little shelter. In the afternoons we’d make things out of Popsicle sticks. We’d work with Play-Doh. And this experience gave me my foundation. That’s what I hold on to in the world. And whatever I made at that time, I know is equivalent to what I’m doing now. And that was, for me, really art.” Jeff Koons

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  1. I still believe, as Jeff Koons seems to say, Art was born with the true artist. It’s not a choice but a birth gift and a true artist will know it since…

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