Jeff Koons Studio Tour Auction is currently auctioning an oportunity to take a private tour of the Jeff Koons studio in New York with the artist himself. The tour is for four people and only has about 12 hours left before bidding ends. The current bid is at $3,250.

Here’s more about the Koons studio auction from Charity Buzz..

Amazing opportunity for a once in a lifetime, behind the scenes tour with art star Jeff Koons! Enjoy a private tour of his studio in New York with the artist himself. You will visit the site where Koons and his many assistants finely craft his extraordinary paintings and sculptures. Better than Andy Warhol’s Factory. Words cannot describe what is in store for you and a maximum of 3 friends.

Terms: Includes: private tour of Jeff Koons’s studio in New York City and lunch with the artist for a maximum of 4 people. Date to be mutually agreed upon and based upon Mr. Koons’s schedule. Transportation, airfare and accommodations not included. Must be redeemed within one year of the close of the auction.
Here’s a link to the Jeff Koons auction at Charity Buzz.

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  1. I found out about your wonderful charity auction after it ended. A day with Jeff Koons is a great idea. If you need a back-up bid or if you could get another tour for two people, we would love to contribute.

  2. Hey Nancy, try contacting them at Charity Buzz.

    It’s a very interesting way to raise money.

    Who knows, maybe Jeff Koons will enjoy doing the tour and realize that there’s money to be made in giving tours, which could prompt him to make it a more regular thing. I would buy tickets if I was in town and the cost was reasonable.

  3. $3K to watch the crowd of Chinese prisoners polishing steel castings?
    The only things that seems interesting is his relations with Chiccolina, but this theme is already revealed in his paintings and can be google’d for free ;-)

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