Jeffrey Milstein’s Aerial Airport Photos

aerial airports of jeffrey milstein

American photographer Jeffrey Milstein is showing at the Bau-Xi gallery in Toronto, Canada from this weekend. He photographs American airports from above in low flying planes, capturing them in all their wonderful detail. The airport’s ugliness is made beautiful in the patterns and shapes framed by Milstein. It’s the nighttime photographs of JFK airport and others where he uses shadows that appeal to me most.

Here’s some of his photographs below. They include JFK, Teterboro, Newark and LaGuardia airports.

aerial airport photograph
Teterboro 1 – archival ink jet print – 40 X 60 inches

aerial airport photography
Newark 1 – archival inkjet print face mounted to plexiglass – 60 X 60 inches

aerial airport picture
JFK 21 – archival ink jet print – 34 X 50 inches

airport photography
LGA 3 – archival ink jet print – 60 X 60 inches

Jeffrey Milstein is showing at the Bau-Xi Photo gallery from the 13th of July through to the 27th of July. More of his aerial airport photography work can be seen online at the Bau-Xi gallery website.

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