Jessica Burko’s Art Studio

Jessica Burko is an artist based in Boston, MA, USA and creates photographic mixed-media works on wood, and is currently working on a series of paper quilts called “In Stitches”.

She has kindly sent in a few photos of her studio. It looks much cleaner and more ordered than my studio.

jessica burko's artist studio

jessica burko's artist studio

jessica burko's artist studio

jessica burko's artist studio

To see what comes out of Jessica Burko’s artist studio see her website here.

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  1. That’s a studio? I wish my home was so smart and tidy!

  2. Yeah, her studio inspired me to clean up my painting space a little. Throwing away paint brushes that have gone hard and empty paint tubes cleared up some space!

  3. That’s the spirit!

    no more “creative chaos” BS!

    death to the Picasso-Bacon crowd!

    glory to Kandinsky and Mondrian!

    (or: it’s better with a clean and simple working space if you have allergies…like me…)


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