John Everett Millais Painting Discovered

The skeptic in me says that there are no original lost masterpieces hiding in closets or the storage sheds of long lost relatives, but I guess it could be possible.

A British woman has discovered a painting by the Pre-Raphaelite English artist John Everett Millais valued at £50,000. The story is that the 45 year old woman was given the painting as a gift for her 9th birthday and forgot about it until she moved house.

Lost John Everett Millais's portrait of Effie Gray

Millais is most famous for his Ophelia painting at the Tate Britain, inspired by Shakespeare’s play Hamlet.

There’s more on the lost masterpiece on the Telegraph website here.

Other lost masterpieces (or found fakes/copies) include the $50 million Jackson Pollock and some lost Australian paintings found in Texas.

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  1. Check out the PBS doc ‘The Rape of Europa’. I’m positive there are original masterpieces yet to be rediscovered.

  2. Remind me to show you a pic of the Picasso I found in my basement. :)

  3. Oh, I am certain there are a few secrets out there. (On an artistic note, those fingers are incredibly done.)

  4. I have lots of unknown works of art in my basement and attic. They are all mine own work!

  5. I think I have about 10 Picasso paintings in my shed Brian. Theyre original and the paint is still drying on them.

    Tina, I agree, it’s a lovely little painting.

  6. Donald Frazell says:

    Its interesting how the foreground hand is washed out adn undone, raw, more like a Manet, while the fingers coming over the top are very deatailed, and the profile beautiful drawn. The focus is all on the center, the edges rougher including the blouse. Wish it had more color, but it is cohesive and a true painting, where all is held together as one, though center weighted. Nice. Better than the Aussie finds, sorry Dion.

  7. It is beautifully painted:) as a student being an artist, its amazing to know that these paintings are still being discovered.

  8. i agree.. beautiful piece of art..

  9. It is surprising that art pieces are still being discovered…. the world has yet more paintings to discover. Love the way the profile is painted and the feeling it gives of peacefulness!

  10. I bought a $4 Pollock at a garage sale, and I found @ 200 uncounted ballots from Minnesota!

  11. looks kind of timeless

  12. For me its beatiful….

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