Jonathan Meese Beats Nazi Salute Charge

jonathan meese nazi salute

German artist Jonathan Meese ended up beating charges of doing Nazi salutes. In Germany Nazi gestures are banned. Meese was charged with doing a Nazi salute twice at an event called Megalomania in the Art World in Kassel, Germany. Luckily for Meese, one retarded law can be beaten with the law that says works of art are exempt.

I wouldn’t go to one of his shows myself, but I do like troublemakers. I hope he continues to ask questions of the ugly system that rules over us. What next Germany, a ban on history? We’re doomed to repeat the past if we don’t ask questions of it.

There’s more on the artist’s website here if you speak German (I Don’t) or the BBC mentioned the story here.

Another German artist to use the Hitler salute in art is Anselm Kiefer. Here’s a work on paper that he did, from a series of photographs that he took of himself doing the salute around the country. Honestly, I think artists just use it to get attention. It’s like saying “hug me, hug me” ;-)

sieg heil anselm kiefer


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  1. Usually, and it was a good law but like all they have term limits. Nazism must be kept down in Germany, just like voting rights to keep the white south(just south?) from dominating again. Oops. Already happened. Darn Supreme Court.

    Kiefer went off to constantly examine both Germanic and Jewish history, especially in their clash throughout his work, and made it universal. Tough to do. But pretty much everyone else is just trying to get attention, like the piercing folks i mentioned above. Pathetic, if irritating.

  2. Yeah, supremacists of all stripes and colors bother me, be they black, white or jewish, they’re all a little touched in the head. White trailer park trash, retarded zionists, and gangsta idiots should blow all their theories of being a supreme race out the window, but they sweep these inconvenient truths aside.

    We’ll never learn though. The disease that is zionism might have us fighting the third world war soon if things go a bit screwy in Syria. War based on lies, is there any other kind? Politicians certainly don’t represent the people as I don’t know anyone that wants war.

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