Kate Moss Sculpture

The UK model Kate Moss will soon be a 3 meter high bronze sculpture in a contorted yoga pose. Marc Quinn will enlarge his previous version of Kate Moss, which was done last year, and will show it at the “Beyond Limits” sale at Chatsworth House in September.

famous model kate moss

Kate Moss must be starting to feel like she is a life drawing model, rather than the internationally famous fashion model that she really is. Notable artists that have turned Moss into art include Lucian Freud, Banksy, Marc Quinn, Alex Katz, and Julian Opie.

Marc Quinn says “There must be something about her that has clicked with the collective unconscious to make her so ubiquitous, so spirit-of-the-age.” Vogue

I also used a Kate Moss photo to test a morphing website here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Celebrity and sex sells. Put them together and they sell even better.

  2. Perhaps a 1000 years from now some new civilization will scour through our ruins, thinking she was some sort of goddess we worshiped.

    Not far from the truth really, the cult of celebrity has reached nauseating proportions. It is a form of worship for some.

    On a more superficial level, its also quite fun to play with these iconic images and personalities. Where’s Andy Warhol when we need him?

  3. Yeah, I sometimes think about how future generations will view the art that we are doing now.

    I hope we’re not seen as some kind of dark age of art, but it wouldnt surprise me.

  4. What I love about Kate Moss (and what she loves about me) is that we both have an affinity to be cast in the minutiae, and blasted into the macro for a milli.

  5. I love this sculpture of Moss by Quinn, the pose is more than original- all its sharp corners make a harmonious whole that, I bet, works from all sides. I only wish it weren’t so smooth! I think it would be stronger if it had a little surface texture to trap light…

  6. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Paul H. concerning the surface. What a pose, is Kate Moss actually capable of this? If this sculpture was cast in chocolate I would surely eat it.

  7. Now he has done her in gold. I just posted about it if you want to take a look. Only details of the face have been released as near as I can tell.

  8. Anonymous says:


  1. [...] Quinn has previously placed Kate Moss in an interesting bronze yoga pose. The teaser photo of the solid gold sculpture that every media outlet seems to have gives little [...]

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