Klimt Movie

Another film based on the life of an artist being made. A Gustav Klimt film is being made with John Malkovich playing the role of Gustav Klimt.

To be honest, I have never really found much inspiration in movies about artists. Frida was just ok, Pollock was pretty good, but Basquiat has been the only artist film I have watched more than once. The Basquiat movie has a great soundtrack to paint with too…

Basquiat Soundtrack

1. Van Gogh Boat – (dialogue)

2. Public Image – Public Image Ltd.

3. It’s All Over Now Baby Blue – Them – (featuring Van Morrison)

4. Suicide Hotline (Dialogue And Music Montage) – Nick Marion Taylor

5. I’m Not In Love – Toadies

6. Is That All There Is? – PJ Harvey

7. White Lines – Grandmaster Flash/Melle Mel

8. Rise – Tripping Daisy

9. These Days – Joy Division

10. She Is Dancing – Brian Kelly

11. Tom Traubert’s Blues – Tom Waits

12. Small Plot Of Land, A – David Bowie

13. Summer In Siam – The Pogues

14. Last Song I’ll Ever Sing, The – Gavin Friday

15. Hallelujah – John Cale

There’s also an interesting story on stolen art over at the CricketChurping blog.

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  1. I enjoyed Basquiat as well. Frida, too.

    Related, I also enjoyed “I Shot Andy Warhol” for its combination of art news, feminism, and mental illness. What a trio! It featured Lili Taylor, a pro at playing a nut.

    Also, for the obscure, I appreciated the Artemisia Gentileschi flick:

    Great combination, movies and art.

  2. I have to say that I also enjoyed the Basquiat movie, as well as the Artemisa one too.

  3. Anonymous says:

    There are many good movies about artists: Camille Claudel, Love is the Devil (Francis Bacon), Modigiliani.


  1. […] about artists. The Modigliani movie was fine, Frida was OK too, but my favorite art movie is still Basquiat by the artist Julian Schnabel. Perhaps being an artist is the secret to making a good movie about […]

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