Knitted Dead Animals (Knitting for Psychos)

When I think of knitting I don’t think of unicorns stabbing teddy bears and rabbits with carrots sticking out of them, but obviously someone does. A friend let me know about these disturbing little creations after she saw the roadkill toys. I couldn’t find out who created them either, so I’ll just link to the Flickr page here. It’s called Knitting for Psychos.

knitting for psychos
Knitted cat with insides outside.. along with knitted blood.

rabbit stabbed with carrot
Cute knitted bunny with giant carrot hanging out of it.

unicorn killing teddy bear
Knitted pink unicorn killing a cute little teddy bear.

I have previously mentioned Jafabrit’s knitted poo too, which I thought was funny.. and a great idea for an exhibition invite.

Also, here’s some disturbing videos advertising the Roadkill plush toys in the UK. I found myself feeling guilty for laughing at them. I promise I won’t mention the death of cute little furry creatures again for at least a few months!

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  1. Actually the cute bunny has been impaled by the carrot. Could it have been a vampire bunny?

  2. while i normally enjoy your blog through a reader, and stay nice and quiet in the background, i’ve loved your last two posts so much i just had to say so!

  3. The artist is Patricia Waller. And they’re crocheted, not knitted.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Stupid, sick crap. Unsubscribing to your blog now.

    See you around, feddabonn.

  5. I have to say… I have urges like that… I can appreciate it very much.

  6. To be honest Steven, I dont know the difference.

    Ian, I dont know, are carrots sivler? I thought u had to kill an evil vampire with silver?..

    Feddabonn, that’s the weirdness brings u out? ;-)

    Anon, I understand, but there aint no ads, so whatever.. I dont care.. just is what I want to.. I love animals too, but we’re also savage and unscrupulous as a species, just use a mirror dear.. u’ll see too. Unless ur afraid of ur reflection.. look closer.. scary huh?

  7. These are insanely wonderful. Can you contact the artist (maybe he’s reading these comments?) and let him know as well as any other artists to submit to A BOOK ABOUT DEATH. It’s an exhibition I’m organizing in NYC at The Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery, 537 Broadway, opening September 10, 2009. We welcome all works – but the submissions are 500 post cards (all the same). Please see the blog and you’ll get the idea. It’s a worldwide show and these works are fantastic. I’m sure other artists reading here would love to submit as well… please do.


    Many thanks for a great blog…

    Matthew Rose/Paris, France

  8. I never cease to be amazed at the creative imaginations of others.
    thanks for the shout out :) Our knitted poo invitations to the loo art gallery opening were incredibly popular

  9. You are becoming profoundly disturbed. A new creative cycle must be starting. Welcome to humanity. But still, where is the squirrel?

  10. this is an awesome project as I get so sick and tired of everything being so “CUTE” and packaged so “Pretty”, Blah, I just vomited in my mouth.

  11. Sick! Sick! sick! But these things must be created sometimes. The link to Roadkill Plush Toys be just be the icing on this sick little cake.


  12. I gotta say.. I kind of want one.

  13. I like the unicorn one the most it’s the most cutesy so the most subversive.

    Has anyone seen these:

  14. These are great! Creepy and a little twisted, but great nonetheless. I just interviewed an artist that makes sculptures out of petrified potatoes. Check it out if you’d like!

  15. Anonymous says:

    I wanted to let you know who the artist was but i saw she posted already :)

  16. Anonymous says:

    Needs an impaled squirrel!!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    These are great!

    Check out this one


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