Knitted Poo Invites

Tired of your glossy printed exhibition invitations being ignored by your local arts reporters? Why not send them some poo?! Some knitted poo!

woolen poop

99% of the invitations I have received are nothing out of the ordinary; gallery location, time, opening date, and a glossy example or two of the art. Which is surprising as I think part of the job of an artist is to show people things they haven’t seen or things they see everyday in a new light.

I don’t see why the show can’t start with the invitation. How could you not go to the exhibition after receiving a knitted poo invite? I think it’s genius. If I ever start painting poo and mount a poop exhibition I’m going to steal this idea! :-P

Corrine (Jafabrit) and the JafaGirls have used the knitted poo invites for “Fecal Matters” at the ChamberPot gallery in Yellow Springs, Ohio, USA.

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  1. Hi,

    So..she’s “doing” these things….
    She’s my coleague at Wetcanvas, if I remember this when I see her posting or pass through her blog, I’m going to make some naughty comment :-)

    Kind regards,


  2. LOL! I can’t stop laughing, I can’t believe you did a post on my poo!

    thanks for the shout out.

  3. Hi, Jafabrit

    This makes a change from poking your tongue out!

    You wouldn’t have been inspired by that bronze Monument To The Enema unveiled in Russia last Wednesday, would you? (If you haven’t seen it, I’m not kidding. It came complete with a trio of bronze Botticelli cherubs to support it!)

    How about a naked cherub brandishing a fistful of knitted poo? Or would that be classed as child porn in the USA?

  4. oh my coxsoft, now I will have to go and see, back in a sec…..that is hilarious, cherubs to poop. No hadn’t seen it, and boy what an ugly monument, but the cherubs are cute.

  5. haha, wow that’s pretty ridiculous

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wow that rocks on man!!!!!
    Keep up the groovin work!!!!

    - o

  7. Yeah, I think theyre great Corrine. I bet a lot of people keep their invite too.

    The Monument To The Enema is kind of weird Ian. I’m not sure if they want us to laugh or take it seriously.

  8. haaa! I’m going to knit some poo and put it on my floor… see if anyone picks it up.


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