Knitted Sweaters for Trees – KnitKnot Tree

Sheep have wool to keep them warm during the cold winter months, but what about the trees? How do they keep warm? Until now they had to just shiver through winter, but now they can also keep warm with wool.

The Knit Knot tree on Xenia Avenue in Yellow Springs, Ohio is getting a lot more love from passersby since covering up with a multi-colored, knitted tree sweater.

knitted clothes for trees

From an Associated Press article..
“What takes this to a different level is it is a community thing,” said Corrine Bayraktaroglu, an artist who helped start the “knitknot tree” project. “People are really, really enjoying it. They’re coming from towns to have their photograph taken with the tree. They’re adding stuff to the pockets.”

There’s more about the KnitKnot tree on Jafabrit’s blog here.

Some trees seem to be able to handle the weather better than others, and they only need to wear knickers.

panties on trees

The panties on trees are by artist Carol Hummel and are called Down Unders.

“Dirt Divers are a series of work that personifies trees highlighting human intrusion on natural objects. Instead of protection and care, this intrusion has the human element burying its head in the sand in denial of its impact. It raises questions about where human intrusion is appropriate when inflicted on our environment.” Carol Humme

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  1. oh no, that isn’t an earthquake, it’s coxsoft groaning!!!! hee! hee!

    hey dion thanks for the shout out, this has been a right lark! I wish I had a link to the radio show we did yesterday. It was hilarious.Suffice it to say the world now knows I am still taking my purple pills and I got tossed out of England for being too goofy ;) lol!

  2. ps. I love the knickers in the trees, had me in stitches.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ah that did make me laugh. Especially the undies one. I have often thought how rude some trees looked.

  4. lol

    Yeah, it looks like it has been a lot of fun Corrine. The 15 minutes of fame is a bonus too I guess.

    A bit of humour in art is a good thing. It can get too serious and up itself at times.

    Anonymous, I often see naked forms in trees too. Especially certain types of Eucalyptus trees here in Australia. I’ll ask it to at least put underwear on next time I see one ;-)


  5. Ooopsss.. It seems this guy with pants really needs a girlfriend….:)

    BTW trees don’t need to keep warmth, because they don’t have the blood… So it’s all pure fake, like the other modern art :)

  6. Plant a tree from the tropics in a region where it gets below freezing for a lot of the year and see if trees don’t need warmth.

    And perhaps it’s more about fashion than it is about keeping warm. Trees want to look good too ;-)

  7. I enjoyed this post Lol. Would it be more fitting for bushes to have knickers I wonder?

    And yes there are some odd trees in Oz along with the big spiders, snakes, lizards…

  8. sergio, who said it was modern art LOL! got to not take this tooooo seriously and just enjoy it for what it is. Something bright and cheery on a cold winters day in the middle of ohio. woooooooo hboooooooooooo!

  9. Yeah, I wish I had a camera with me today as I was looking at some very sensual trees. I went to see an exhibition but was more excited by the trees in the park beside the gallery (Maybe I’m in the wrong industry).

    They were masses of very smooth white trunks and branches, looking like legs, bums and boobs. I have never heard of a tree fetish, but maybe I have one!

    I must get some photos to prove that it’s not all in my mind.

    Helly, the bushes would probably have to be pruned if they wore knickers that were too sexy.. lol

    Corrine, he might have forgot to take his happy pill before commenting. I think most people saw the fun in the project ;-)

  10. Not sure which industry would suit your tree ‘preference’ Dion, but with those visualisation skills I don’t think it’s wise to go to the Botanic Gardens in Sydney…there’s a banana tree there amoungst others..

    On a different note there’s also a ‘wishing tree’ that people can walk round to make a wish. More of a ‘wishing’ in the community thing than ‘knitting’, but fits with the unusual tree theme.

  11. I just photographed a couple tying the knot under the knit knot tree. Seriously, a reverend married them. I asked why they chose the tree to get married under and they said because it made them happy. Now that is COOL!

  12. Helly, I had a friend that was an aborist, which is something like a tree doctor.. perhaps that could be a future path for someone with a liking for trees like

    Corrine, that must have felt great to see the couple getting married under the tree. That’s excellent. Not many artists could say that their art made a couple so happy that they were married under it!.. Wow!

    Makes me smile that a tree that was probably unnoticed until a couple artists put some wool around it is getting so much attention now. Makes me think I should I should be knitting jackets for old growth forests!

  13. Anonymous says:

    It’s now much too cold for just knickers on my trees, so I’m crocheting some longjohns for them… to see more of my trees (and other art) go to Cheers!

  14. I loved the tree sweaters so much, i knitted some myself. You can find pictures here: and here: I think they turned out rather good!


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