Kostya Lupanov Self Portraits

russian painter kostya lupanov

Just another great painter on my facebook friends list: Russian artist Kostya Lupanov. He seems to really love playing around with paint. He mostly sticks to portraits but anything he paints is almost always freaking awesome. I thought I would share some of his self portraits as I love the tradition of artists painting themselves. Do friend him on facebook if you like how he throws paint around as he paints much more than self portraits.

russian painter kostyaKostya Lupanov – Self Portrait

self portrait with catKostya Lupanov – Self Portrait

portrait with catKostya Lupanov – Self Portrait

ceremonial self portrait paintingKostya Lupanov – Ceremonial Self Portrait

russian self portraitKostya Lupanov – Self Portrait in the Kitchen

He’s pretty talented, huh? I couldn’t find his website but he regularly updates his facebook page here with new paintings and upcoming exhibitions. There’s so many great artists out there that I would have never heard of if it wasn’t for facebook!

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