Lady Gaga Naked

lady gaga nude

Marina Abramovic’s Kickstarter project will be coming to end in four days time. She’s looking to raise $600,00 for her Marina Abramovic Institute and so far there has been $512,063 pledged. Like I mentioned before, it’s an all or nothing deal, so if she doesn’t raise another $90k she gets nothing.

Abramovic is hoping to raise the funds for an education and performance center to present and preserve performance art, dance, theater, film, music, and opera. She’ll also be sharing the “Abramovic Method” which I won’t comment on as I don’t know enough about it, but it does look rather wanky.

Anyway, Lady Gaga got naked for a video to promote the Kickstarter project. It shows Gaga practicing the Abramovic Method completely nude.

lady gaga naked

Lady Gaga naked and blind folded, doing the Abramovic Method.

singer lady gaga nude

The nude Gaga bending over in the forest to pick up a branch. Tattoos and bare bum for all to see.

naked lady gaga and chrystal

Lady Gaga naked and holding a very large crystal.

lady gaga posing nude

Gaga sitting on a crystal naked. I can’t say I’m a fan of tattoos on the upper leg. Nice legs though ;-)

lady gaga in crystals

Lady Gaga covered in crystals.

So if you think the Marina Abramovic Institute or the MAI is something worth supporting there’s only days left to raise about $90,000. She offering incentives that start with hugs for a $1 pledge, through to $10,000 pledges where she could show you how to make soup or take you out to lunch. Here’s the Kickstarter project page and see the full video of Lady Gaga doing the Abramovic Method naked here at Vimeo.

Update: Marina Abramovic has now raised the full $600,000 which means the project will be funded. It current sits at $611,121 from 3,994 backers and there’s still 64 hours to go. I should try raising funds to pay off my mortgage and buy a new car!! ;-)

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  1. Hi, Dion
    Sorry to hear about your Dad and other problems. I wondered why you’d fallen silent.

    Have you seen the latest Damien Hirst? I posted his Mickey Mouse on my blog yesterday. I know you used to be a fan.


  1. […] sites is Kickstarter. A lot of the million dollar plus projects have been raised using Kickstarter. Marina Abramovic used Kickstarter to raise $661,452 for her institute and this vagina project was also funded. See their website here […]

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