Lamborghini Art

A man in California liked the look of his Lamborghini Countach so much that he has done a Marcel Duchamp with it. The Californian millionaire Richard Moriarty has bolted his 1974 sports car to a wall in his house and called it art.
The vehicle had to be lowered through his living room skylight using a 70 ton crane.
The engine was also taken out to become the “200 mph coffee table”.

Lamborghini art

I think it’s more of a statement about the price of oil than a work of art. Like a museum piece, from an age of excess and ego. But it’s much more beautiful than any ready-mades that Duchamp ever “created”.

Lamborghini installed in California home
“Joiner has installed offbeat elements in previous mansion projects — including indoor rifle ranges, bowling alleys and a 28-foot-high interior waterfall — but the Lamborghini is “one of a kind,” he said.” Seattle Times

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  1. Ahhhh….only in California!

  2. one of a kind my ass…

    do a search for Volkswagen’s Autostadt in Wolfsburg Germany. There has been a Lamborghini on the wall there for years. It spins in a circle and also rotates into and out of the Lamborghini Pavilion.

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