Leith O’Malley Interview

Here’s some quotes by fellow Australian artist Leith O’Malley, from an interview at Art and Art Ed.

Leith OMalley Drawing“Remember there are not better artists, just better publicists!”
Leith O’Malley

“When I am creating art… I have a real sense of excitement and even enlightenment. Just me and the work. It’s still there when a painting is completed but never as strong as the point where you are still trying to fit all the pieces together be it compositional, aesthetically or the colour and tone decisions along the way.”
Leith O’Malley

“Dismiss nothing unless you are informed enough about it to have an opinion. It is a lot like music.. in that there are so many different genres, ways to enjoy, interpretations and possibilities to create yourself. Don’t have your blinkers on and be open to understanding and enjoying all forms of art as in music.”
Leith O’Malley

Find more work and words by the Australian artist Leith O’Malley Here. See the full interview at Art and Art Ed.

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