Leonardo da Vinci Notebook Online

leonardo notebook online

Did you know that you can browse through a notebook by Leonardo da Vinci called the The Codex Arundel online, for free? I have no idea what he has written in it as firstly it’s in Italian and secondly it’s written in his left-handed mirror-writing, but that doesn’t make it any less fascinating to flick through. It’s filled with diagrams, sketches, and instructions for all manner of things. There’s a total of 570 images, all generously shared by the British Library online. It’s not just the Leonardo notebook online, there’s so much more on their Digitised Manuscripts page.

There’s Greek manuscripts, scientific manuscripts, royal manuscripts, US civil war documents, medieval manuscripts, Thai and Malay manuscripts, music materials, and a whole bunch of beautiful Persian manuscripts, all available for the world to see online.

page from leonardo notebookPage from the Leonardo da Vinci notebook at the British Library.

davinci manuscriptAnother excerpt from the Codex Arunde notebook.

leonardo inventionI’m not sure what this contraption does but it looks like a chicken feeder to me ;-)

See the Leonardo da Vinci notebook online at the British Library’s Digitised Manuscripts website here. Be prepared to lose a few hours if you’re as easily entertained as me! If you get tired of looking at ancient manuscripts you can then check out the Sistine Chapel and then pop on over to the Met’s amazing collection online.

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