Lloyd’s Building by Willard Wigan

I found this story over at Coxsoft news, which was posted a few days ago. A miniature sculpture of the Lloyd’s Building by the English micro-sculptor Willard Wigan will be auctioned at the Lloyd’s Building in England.

The picture to the left shows the architect of the Lloyds building, Lord Rogers looking through a microscope at the sculpture. The sculptor and the architect are also shown in front of a model of the Lloyd’s building.

micro sculpture by willard wigan

Wigan’s sculpture of the Lloyd’s building is made from white gold and platinum. It took the artist 4 months to complete and it sits on top of a pinhead.

The architect of the building said “Designing the actual building itself was an intricate challenge, but to see it recreated in such minuscule proportions and with so much detail is quite unbelievable. I had to look through the microscope several times to check my eyes weren’t deceiving me.” BBC

I also mentioned Willard Wigan a few weeks ago, with a miniature sculpture of the Statue of Liberty.
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  1. Maybe one day there will be a whole gallery dedicated to showing miniature sculpture. Perhaps it could be located next door to a circus of performing fleas? I think both could be housed comfortably in my dogs kennel. Come to think of it she could also supply the fleas. Does any one know where I might get a grant for this highly worthwhile artistc endeavour? By the way there are some fantastic Irish artists works at a site http://www.millcovegallery.com for those who like to look at art without a microscope!

  2. Variety is a good thing earl.

  3. Remember to put http:// at the start of any website too or the link won’t work.

  4. Variety is definately a good thing. I like variety shows at the theatre and I really like the circus. I also like more thoughtful dramas on the stage and screen. Confusion usually isn’t so good a thing. With drama we can fairly easily distinguish between the circus and a thoughtful play but with contemporary art it all gets a bit muddled. We often get the art equivelant of a freak show from the fun fair when we hoped for King Lear from the Royal Shakespear Company. Whilst both can be entertaining, one feeds the soul a little bit more. Try a look at the http://www.millcovegallery.com site – there is a lot of variety but not much of the fun fair or circus! I’ve added the http:// bit this time so heres hoping it works!

  5. I did a follow-up to this item today, because I wanted to find out how much the Lloyd’s replica sold for: £94,000. What a story! I should have called it How The Art Market Is Manipulated.


    (I’ve broken up this link because long ones screw up on my blog, maybe yours too, certainly in Preview.)

    It’s now Willard Wigan MBE. He received his honour this month. And what made him start his miniature works at the age of five? “I remember an anthill in my back garden was destroyed and I decided to make houses for the ants.”

    There’s artistic motivation for you!

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