Looking Back at Art News Blog 2008

Before I start 2009 I thought I might have a quick look back at 2008 on Art News Blog. It’s not a comprehensive look at the art world happenings in 2008, it’s just a few posts that I found interesting throughout the year.

Happy new year! I can’t believe how quickly the year went.

About Dion

Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. Happy New Year!

    I toyed with the idea of doing one of these reviews, but decided it was too much of a chore deciding what was important and what wasn’t. For instance, you didn’t include the Aussie PM shooting his mouth off about art, which I would have thought worth mentioning on an Aussie blog.

    Footnote on the penis spam. I did a “before and after” graphic inspired by one of the sillier claims. Might give you a smile:

    Now, can anyone help me name a Renaissance painting and its subject? It has me floored. It’s on the cover of a book, but I can’t find a credit. Piccie at

    I’ve broken up the above links so they fit the post.

  2. Before and after shots of your snake are impressive Ian. You should be working on penis enlargement websites ;-)

    Not sure who the renaissance painting is by either.

    Making the links live would be easier for lazy people like me too. All this copying and pasting stuff tires my fingers out..lol.

    And who cares what politicians think about art. They dont care what I think about politics (as they wouldnt have a job if they did..lol).

  3. Hey, thanks for the mention again Dion.

    Innocent Spam has taken a bit of a back seat lately due to recently moving. But boxes are nearly unpacked and should get back to doing more soon.

    LOL on Coxsoft Art before and after.

  4. Thanks for the recap. As a new reader it was easy to scroll down and choose a subject and play a little catch-up.

  5. Hi,

    Your blog continues to be a reference and I’m sure it will again in 2009.
    To you, to your family and to all the readers, I wish a prosperous 2009.


  6. thanks for the mention. I can’t believe I knitted poos, okay yes I can LOL! I will be back to explore your links :)

    Hope you have a great new year.

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