Looted Picasso

The owner of a 1922 Picasso “Femme en blanc” valued at about $12,000,000 has opted to pay out $6 million to the grandson of a Jewish woman that once owned the painting in 1940. Carlota Landsberg left the painting with a French art dealer while fleeing the Nazis. The art dealer said the Picasso was then looted by the Nazis and it remained missing until 1975 when the current owner acquired it.
Settlement reached for stolen Picasso
“Marilynn Alsdorf of Chicago decided she would rather pay Thomas Bennigson and keep the painting than continue a costly and complicated legal dispute, her attorney Richard Chapman said Tuesday.” CNN

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  1. Jimi Parkes says:

    Yup, probably the largest and most successful settlement ever. good on Mrs. Alsdorf for doing the right thing! Also, keep in mind the picasso painting was originally brought by the lady’s (now-deceased) husband, for just $345,000, not a bad mark up, lol!

    Cheers, Jimi Parkes

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