Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York City..

Coming from an Australian that has never been to the USA.. are there any places that I SHOULD or SHOULDNT visit in October?? I have traveled outside of Australia but I have never been to a place that spoke English or had a considerable art collection. This trip is prompted by friends that plan to visit Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York City (where I plan to hang around for longer by myself. )

So, are there ART places in LA that MUST be seen or are there places in NYC that MUST be seen? I want to be lazy and hang around for a while by myself in NYC but I also want to check out places that are VERY American. Eg, the Yankee Stadium even though I barely know what baseball is! I want the raw NYC and America, the stuff that I wouldnt see if I was a tourist (which I am)!!

So that I become, Art New York Blog instead of Art News Blog!!.. Even if it’s just for a month or two.. I want to become a fast talking loud mouth blogger, if just for a month or two..lol Does the NY Met suck or should I leave the Moma and Guggeinheim in the movies?? Or is there an underground that is above the commercial bullshit?? Should I stick to hotdogs and the park??? I want something that I cant get from anywhere else.. I don’t care if I have to kiss a flag or a eat a hot dog to get it, I just want the USA thing.. for just a little while.. whatever that is..

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  1. You know I’m in Texas Dee.

  2. I don’t plan to head to texas M, but if I do I owe you a coffee.. big time!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    may I recommend the magazine “Time Out New York.” It’s a listing that supplies locals with information about all kinds of activities, but pays close attention to art. It has reviews of gallery and museum shows and details on galleries to visit etc. I recommend going gallery hopping in addition to seeing museums. Also, don’t miss the MOMA’s PS1 Contemporary Art Center.

  4. In the LA area, I’m a huge fan of the Huntington library in Pasadena. And while in LA eat Mexican food. It’s so delicious and you won’t get anything like it anywhere else.

    Also, in LA, the Getty is worth your time!

  5. maitejosune urrechaga says:

    i think you should try to check this out in ny

  6. Anonymous says:

    Get a pretzel from a street vendor to go with the hot dog. NY Pizza is pretty good too! Go to a play and Radio City to see the Rocketts. Go look behind the Statue of Liberty to see what kind of shoes she has and of course her hair style. Ride the Ferry, ride the subway, ride the bus. Go to the met,moma,Whitney, go everywhere. NYC is a melting pot so to experience the true America you have to indulge in all of the various cultures of the city. And go to the top of the Empire state building to what King Kong saw. Just have fun.

  7. Hit up chelsea for art. other key galleries are drawing center in soho, sculpture center in queens, art in general near houston st, and ps1 museum in queens. le poisson rouge is the dope spot for music, also glasslands in brooklyn, look for ny tropical. walk around soho for good street art. also you gotta check out the strand bookstore on broadway and 12th, overwhelming art section.

  8. hi, i’m from new york. you should definitely try: lower east side on a tuesday between the hours of 12pm and 4am, the cloisters & fort tryon park on a sunday afternoon, the boat basin cafe at sunset for a beer, and the whitney museum.

  9. I make the best Mexican food in LA, all the latinos at the job love it, been made the honorary Mexican for my enchiladas and guacamole. Even the Cuban guy who now has a restaurant shook my hand when he had my frijoles. Grow my own serranos, tomatillos and tomatoes, but they wil be done by then. Use more olives and olive oil than most Mexican food, more of a Californian kind. Cant wait for my Reed avaocado tree to mature, they are far better than Haas. but can get them at the local farmers market. Also can show you some real Mexican restaurants, even the truck by my job at LAX has great food. Their shrimp empanadas are fantastic. The wife does all the other cooking, I grow it, she cooks it.

    I know ALL of LA, well, not the valley so much, but know more about outside the tourist traps than others. Though others may know the artsy places, though I just put one of my 10 footers over at Barnsdall Art Park yesterday. Kinda freaked out the others in line, one work per person, kinda like the old days of the Salon where you trucked up works to be shown.

    Trojan football it is. At the Coliseum, where two Olympics were held, and got museums all around, and USC on the other side of them. LACMA and the la brea tar pits are good, Eli Broad buying up museums like an old school robber baron, creating mausoleums to himself, when he could easily save the only true LA art work, the Simon Rodia/Watts towers for peanuts. But as its in the hood/barrio, you know that aint gonna happen.

    You are who you hang with, and art has been hanging with scumbags for decades. Just show me the money! And artistes have attitudes toward athletes, pleeeease!

    art collegia delenda est!

  10. Oh, and while in NYC, go hit up Winkleman, he is such a fan of mine, I am at the top of his list. Friends, enemies somethng like that. You know how I LOVE Conceptual “art”, and wimpy academic types, he tops the list in pandering to stooges. Give him my regards from the LBC.

    art collegia delenda est!

  11. Trojans play Oregon St at home on the 24th if you are still around, big game as they beat USC last year and knocked them out of being national champion. play at Notre Dame on the 17th, only day i am a Trojan fan, love to kick some Fighting Irish ass.

  12. Northeast Wisconsin probably isnt on your schedule. But if you do plan a side trip to the midwest, check out Jack Richeson in Kimberly. http://www.richesonart.com/school/workshops/index.html He has a good portion of his collection of contemporary artists on display in the gallery which is part of the school.

    He is an American success story. Worked for Best Easel company. Ended up buying it and is now one of the larger wholesalers of art supplies.

  13. Christine says:

    If you’re ever in Cali, there’s this art (virtual studio) site that organizes “soirees” aka social gatherings where artists and community members come together at a gallery. You can meet local artists, see their artwork and get a glimpse of the local art scene. It’s called http://www.mysoiree.net. You can go check it out. That’s the url to the virtual studio site…but they tell you when the soirees are!

  14. You “want to become a fast talking loud mouth blogger”! You don’t need to go to the USA to be that. I do it all the time. It’s what blogging is all about.

    ArtDaily.com has lots of info on art galleries, but your best bet is graffiti. Remember that car chase in The French Connection? Stunning graffiti. But watch out for muggers. They sell your body parts!

    Rather you than me. Living in Greater London has put me off cities for life. Yellowstone National Park is more my cup of coffee. That would be well worth seeing before it blows up! Big bang due soon!

  15. Gidday Mate, from across the Tassie..

    We went to US 2008. In LA the Getty is a must, if only for the wow factor, and try to visit the Hammer a smaller but excellent gallery also don’t forget LACMA.

    In New York, besides the usual, try to get to PS1, (ex Public School 1) in Queens, also the New Museum of Contemporary Art in SoHo, on Broadway I think

    Have a great trip

  16. Damn, I am pissed off now. The best jazz club in LA, Culver City to be exact, just closed and I didnt know it. I went by to see Ruth the owner two months ago, missed her, and now see it just had a benefit with lots of local top jazz players like Hubert Laws last night. Been showing work there for 20 years and always got in free, I am Ruths favorite of course. Cant show you that now Dionysus, unless she gets a new place quick, and ready to play in.

    CC has over doubled rents recently, which is why my work has moved out of there to near LAX(airport). Idiots, they are gonna regret this. Damn artistes came in and ruined the place. Stupid vanity galleries everywhre for the trendies, and the city got greedy. No one sells there, and galleries dropping like flies. Idiots.

    Sorry, had to vent. Just another reason among countless others.

    art collegia deleneda est

  17. Excellent.. thanks for the tips and suggestions everyone. I have been busy googling them!

    I love Mexican food too Donald.. I just wonder how different it is from Australian Mexican food!

    Ian, I hate cities as much as I love them.


  18. Hmm N.Y.C somewhere I would like to go but haven’t been to yet. I wouldn’t go without going to the Guggenheim and Moma and the Met even if you don’t like them you have to see for yourself..?

  19. The Met is definitely worth a visit – pick a century or two and spend some time there. The Guggenheim is worth seeing for the building itself – make sure to climb the stairs, it’s worth it – even if you then run through the exhibitions.

    Time Out and the NYT arts review both have good suggestions for the city in general, and art in particular.

    If you’re lucky enough to have the time to relax, wander round and just see if anything or anywhere takes your fancy, and if it does spend some time exploring.

  20. When in LA definitely check out the Getty Center. It doesn’t have the best art collection in the city but the views are good and the building itself is the attraction. The building is amazing.

    Also check out the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena. The Norton Simon has the best art collection in LA. If you could combine the art from the Norton Simon with the building at the Getty you would have an amazing showcase.

    LACMA is also worth checking out. Some of the smalled regional museums are worth it too. But if you only have time for a couple make sure to got to the Getty Center and the Norton Simon.

  21. It may be too late but here are some thoughts. It sounds like you want to do more than just art so I will add some fun stuff to do that is how we roll in NY outside of Art

    • Eat Halal food at a street vendor. $5 for Chicken and Rice with a coke/pepsi. Ask for extra-extra white sauce. Get it from the vendor at Penn Station (my mouth is watering right now)
    • Get pissy at a tourist for walking slow. It is our right in NY. It is OK to swear or “accidentally” jab them with your umbrella.
    • Go to Chinatown for $1 dumplings and a $15 back rub. Your neck will feel better and your belly will say “thank you.”
    • Go to highline park and watch the sunset on Jersey. Talk about how Jersey sucks. (PS: I live in Jersey and love it here…)
    • Go to Brooklyn and ask where you can get a $5 slice of handmade pizza… you will get directions AND an opinion
    • LA sucks, pass it on.
    • Two words: Governors Island
    • Take a nap in Central Park
    • Go to Union Square and check out a street performance; be sure to tip the artist/performer
    • Find a bench. Sit. Hang out. Watch people. Do NOT feed the pigeons, please!
    • Spend a few bucks and eat at Ciprianis. Watch the models paraded in by the club promoters and watch the modelizers follow
    • Take a path train to Jersey city or Hobokon ($1.75) and watch the sun set on Manhattan
    • Wake up early and watch the sun rise from Brooklyn, the Staten Island Ferry, or Queens
    • Go to St Marks Place for sunglasses to take home.
    • Wear sunglasses everywhere you go so people can’t see you staring at them.
    • Finally, go to the Chelsea art galleries on Thursday from 6-8 when the galleries open… for the people and free drinks. Yes there is GREAT art and that is what brings us, but don’t forget to get an extra cup of white or red or PBR or whatever is being doled out.

    I hope this helps!!!


  22. I second the PS1 and the Sculpture
    Center in NY. The Met and the MOMA are great to see your favorite pieces in real life, but the work I saw in the contemporary galleries made a much bigger impression on me.

  23. Michael Kalish installation on the lawn of the Riverside Art Center and Museum is awesome and should not be missed.

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