Lost in Byron Bay + Photos

Sorry about the lack of updates recently. I went looking for a new place to live and couldn’t get the laptop to connect to the Internet. The plan was to enjoy myself during the day, get lots of photos, and do some work online at night.

Having no Internet connection put a stop to the “work” part of the trip, but I still enjoyed myself during the day and took some photos. I didn’t find a new place to live though.

Anyway, here’s some photos of Byron Bay. It’s a small coastal town on the north coast of NSW, Australia. There’s plenty of beautiful beaches, forests, tourists!, and a big alternative culture there.
(click on the images to see bigger versions)

byron bay photo
On the way up to the Byron Bay lighthouse.

byron bay photo
Almost at the Byron Bay lighthouse.

byron bay photo
Finally at the Byron Bay lighthouse!

byron bay photo
On the way down to the most easterly point of Australia.

byron bay photo
There’s a black feral goat in this picture. It’s actually much steeper than the picture looks, and if he took one wrong step he would have rolled onto rocks and into the ocean.

byron bay photo
Here’s another picture of that same goat from below. That’s him circled in red, so it’s quite a drop.

byron bay photo
The most easterly point of Australia.

byron bay photo
An Australian bush turkey I cam across. He was quite friendly and I spent a while with him.

byron bay photo
Pathway onto the main beach in Byron Bay.

byron bay photo
The main beach at Byron Bay.

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  1. I was wondering where you were. Sorry you didn’t find a place to live, yet!!!!! It looks really beautiful and I enjoyed looking at the photos.

    check out this news story. Talk about a blatant copyright violation.

  2. Oh, that is pretty rough. You would think they would know better.

    I’ll have to steal that link Jafabrit.

  3. Looks like a very nice place and if Byron Bay is as nice as it seems, there will always be an army of tourists. It’s the punishment of a place for being so beautiful.

  4. steal away, I thought you might want to do something with it.

  5. “I didn’t find a new place to live though.”

    Dion, from the photos it seems you might not be looking in quite the right place.

    I find “The most easterly point of Australia” a very interesting photo. It reminds me of fantasy rock formations I have painted. I can imagine sitting up there by the light house day after day, painting, or just looking. What a paradise. Dion, keep the travel story and photos coming.

  6. Gorgeous! Go! Live it! Lovely! *grin* thanks fer sharing your part of the world…

  7. LOL – I’m just up from there – the 1/2 the locals live off tourists, the other 1/2 hate them – often with violence (hint: don’t surf on their beach!)

    The ‘counter culture’ there isn’t – unless you like lots and lots of crafts.

    And prices… cheaper to buy a place in London, New York or Sydney!

    Check out 1770 (really!) or Hervey Bay.



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