Lovers of Banksy Thick – Lovers of Twombly Thinking People

I think one of the requirements for being an art critic of any importance (you could easily argue that no art critic is of any importance, but I think they have their place) is to enjoy poking hornets nests with sticks. If there was a manual on how to be a talked about art critic, Im sure it would say to make every fifth review a controversial review.

The Guardian’s Jonathan Jones seems to enjoy making fun of the red hot grafitti artist Banksy, even if it’s just to argue the value of another artist. Here’s a little quote from one of his recent reviews of a Cy Twombly exhibition coming to the Tate Modern..

“Banksy is a thick person’s idea of a radical artist. Twombly is a thinking person’s. He began scrawling on his paintings in the 1950s when the presiding genius of modern art was Jackson Pollock. The idea of the abstract painterly mark as “writing” is already there in Pollock, but it was Twombly who made this idea explicit. Ever since he has painted grand, brave works that are at once abstract and literary, that demand to be read while also being hard, perhaps impossible, to read. This makes him sound difficult, and he is, but his work has a sensuality that is immediately, humanly rewarding.” Guardian

Cy Twombly is showing at the Tate Modern from the 19th of June through to the 14th of September.

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  1. christine says:

    I guess I am thick and thinkin’.

    I love them both.

  2. Yeah, I dont think theyre so different that you have to love one and not the other.

    I guess its possible to be a thinking thick person. Maybe we just think about thick things.. who knows..

  3. oh Groan! I guess the critic is waiting for the song and dance to ensue ;)

  4. I guess Art critics need to be reviewed…

    “I do believe the style of this popular critic, is quite obvious. I do not see any imaginative reviewing, and find he is just following the trend. I do think he should try and move out side the square with his work, and look at being more original. Quite simply, he is the critic for the average thinker- step it up my friend!’ “

  5. Oh Kate, that’s all we need; more Critics reviewing the critics.

    It probably is needed, but who would read it? I have to motivate myself to read critics of art, so reading critics of art critics would be a real challenge ;-)

    I do agree with your review though!


  6. I think if you want to sell newspapers it probably is a requirement to annoy people in your reviews.

    Banksy’s work can actually be quite witty, so I don’t think the viewer is ‘thick’ to like it. Neither should we prioritise painting over graffiti, they have different qualities.

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