Lucien Freud Number One in Britain

The Great Art Fair in London has done a poll to find out the favorite artist of artists at the event. Lucien Freud has topped the list, with Leonardo nowhere to be seen in the top ten.

Other notable artists that never made the grade were contemporary artists like Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin. They seem to get the vote of the media with anything they do deemed newsworthy, but artists at the Great Art Fair didn’t feel the same way about Hir-min.

The top ten artists are mostly British or European.

The Great Art Fair is in London from the 30th of November through to the 3rd of December. There’s more information at their website here or a list of artists exhibiting here.

I wonder how different this list of artists would be if they do the same thing at the Great Art Fair in New York City in April 2007?

We have seen many statistics and results about the British public’s favorite artistic talents, and can read countless critic’s profiles expounding the virtues of a variety of names in art, but this is the first poll to be conducted amongst working artists.” BBC

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  1. Art works made for the benefit of an art critic audience is not honest work if it’s shown in a public arena. It’s just grandstanding for career accolades.

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