Madonna Nude

The nude Madonna and Guy Ritchie painting by Peter Howson ended up selling this week. It failed to sell at a recent contemporary Scottish art auction by McTear’s Auctioneers in Glasgow but has since been sold for more than the £15,000 reserve price.

McTear’s employee Brian Clements told the BBC “We were very confident we would find the right buyer for ‘Madonna and Guy’ and we are delighted to have secured such an excellent price for the painting. Although we cannot divulge the name of the buyer, we can confirm that the painting will be leaving Scotland.”

nude madonna painting

The 2005 nude portrait of Madonna and her ex husband Guy Ritchie is one from a series of the famous singer by Peter Howson. It’s not what I would call a flattering naked portrait of Madonna. She looks like a transvestite with funny fingers if you ask me.

Also in the UK, in Brighton, England the Impure Gallery (which calls itself “a naughty little gallery“) is showing some nude photographs of the young Madonna from 1979. New York Photographer, Martin Schreiber got Madonna to pose naked for just $30. I’m guessing that he would have to add at least a few zeros to that price to get the now super-famous Madonna to get naked.

naked madonna
Madonna Nude by Martin Schreiber

nude teen madonna
Madonna Naked by Martin Schreiber

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  1. These are really beautiful images.

  2. I like the photographs, particularly the profile shot.

  3. Yeah, the photos of Madonna are very beautiful. I wish my stomach was half as firm as hers was! And I don’t know if I’m supposed to say this, but wow, nice breasts Madonna.. lol.

  4. We’re taking the show to London on July 2nd to July 19th. Come and see…

  5. I would like to see Madonna naked now in the same poses that she took when she was a young 20 year old. The 7 up series is the most interesting experiment ever.


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