Marc Chagall Birthday

Google has celebrated the birthday of Marc Chagall with a new logo on their homepage. If I didn’t know it was supposed to say “Google” I wouldn’t know there was a word there, but I think it’s one of their better logos. It represents the artist more than the Google logo.

Marc Chagall born 7 July 1887 – died 28 March 1985.

marc chagall-birthday

“Only love interests me, and I am only in contact with things I love.”
Marc Chagall

“If a symbol should be discovered in a painting of mine, it was not my intention. It is a result I did not seek. It is something that may be found afterwards, and which can be interpreted according to taste.”
Marc Chagall

“But perhaps my art is the art of a lunatic, I thought, mere glittering quicksilver, a blue soul breaking in upon my pictures.”
Marc Chagall

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  1. I’m glad you tell me when Google does something with their logo b/c I use iGoogle and they don’t put their variations on the iGoogle page.

  2. Yeah, an artist friend said he uses the google toolbar and misses them too as the special logos don’t show up in the google search results.

  3. This logo made my day, because I really like Chagalls art :). I agree – this looks good.

    I do hope they keep up this tradition of featuring artists this way.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I liked this one a lot – good job google!

    John Briner

  5. I saw it, but didn’t realize,
    Thanks for posting, and
    Great Job Google,
    makes me have respect for google

  6. That is AWESOME.

    Birthday is my favorite Chagall work. I even have a print of it on my wall.

    Found your blog while looking for an illustration of it, in fact. I’m glad I did. I am now following. Keep up the great posts!

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