Marc Quinn to do Kate Moss

The English artist Marc Quinn plans to imortalize the supermodel Kate Moss as the “Aphrodite of our age”, with five bronze sculptures. Quinn has created a bit of a reputation for doing things a little differently. He is the artist that made a cast of his head using his own blood and the 3.6 meter tall marble sculpture of disable pregnant woman (Alison Lapper) that is currently on display in London’s Trafalgar Square.

marc quinn blood art

The painter Lucian Freud has also painted Kate Moss, which went on to sell for more than $7 million at a Christies art auction.
Moss the muse Artist’s bronze vision
Marc Quinn said “Kate Moss is iconic now because she’s come to signify what beauty is in our eyes. When you look back at the 1920s you think of Louise Brooks, and when people come to look back at these times they’ll think of Kate Moss. I think the stuff about cocaine has added to this – [Kate] is sculpted by the collective desire, so having her in the contorted poses is about the way that society sculpts, twists and manipulates her and her image.” Guardian

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  1. Ramon Perruolo says:

    Thats’s ridiculous thing to do.. This man is doing an icon from a person who is not the best example to follow by the young generations in this world. A model is not in my opinion an object to received this kind of honour. You crazy bastards….

    Ramon Perruolo.


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