Marc Quinn’s Gold Kate Moss and Blood Self

Neither of these stories are new, but I thought I would mention that Marc Quinn’s solid gold Kate Moss sculpture has been unveiled and the National Portrait Gallery in the UK is hoping to buy his 2006 version of “Self.”

Solid Gold Kate Moss Sculpture

We were given a sneak peek of the solid gold Kate Moss sculpture a few weeks ago, but the contorted Moss has now been fully unveiled and is on display at the British Museum‘s Statuephilia exhibition. Sculptors exhibiting in the show include Damien Hirst, Antony Gormley, Ron Mueck, and Marc Quinn.

There’s more on the Kate Moss sculpture over at the Telegraph, which is also where I stole/borrowed the image above.

Marc Quinn Blood Sculpture

Every five years the sculptor Marc Quinn creates a new version of his “Self” sculpture, made with his own blood. He collects his own blood over a number of months and makes a self portrait cast.

The National Portrait Gallery is hoping to purchase Marc Quinn’s 2006 version of “Self” but still needs to raise another £200,000 for the £350,000 price tag.

Brian from MyArtSpace talks more about it on his blog here.

Marc Quinn Blood Self
The 1991 and 2001 versions of Marc Quinn’s blood sculpture can be bought as posters on the sculptor’s website here.

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  1. Why blood? Excrement would be more fitting his talents.

  2. I’m surprised that hasnt been done before Earl. It’s food for thought.

    Poo casts. Vomit casts. Fat casts. Pee casts. The possibilities are endless ;-)

    I liked the vagina casts more, but the Quinn blood casts aent too bad either.

  3. I like the blood casts but it’s not the blood, they would be just as good in the same colour clay.

    ah but it’s novelty isn’t it? As for the solid gold Moss, just seems to make another grand statement by who the subject is and the material used about the excesses of society.

  4. Donald Frazell says:

    I like the casts, the colors and textures are very good. But then, its not art now is it? Casting is a craft. His actual artwork sucks, stiff, awkward, unlike true yoga poses, when done by real people. No life to them at all.

    But how does he keep his blood frozen? A interior freezer? in a clear cube? Have to walk intoa refrigerator? Grab a beer while there? Oh, sorry you brits like em warm. oh sorry, you aint a brit Dion, but your beer is even worse than ours. ooh, sorry, been told not to bring that “racist” crap at the Guardian. like jellied eels and bad teeth. Oooh sorry, off topic. Is it like a giant lollipop you lick?


  5. Poo casts… don’t give Serrano any ideas! :P

  6. Are these British bad boy artists getting a bit dated? Is this the direction taken by 21st century sculpture? Quinn showed promise & then got trapped by the desire to provocate & shock. The Moss sculpture isn’t appealing & the sculpted head a waste of valuable human blood. Sure catches the headlines though. MadSilence

  7. Donald, you have probably just tried Fosters beer if you have tried any Australian beer, which is crap. There’s a few local beers that are so much better than Fosters, but yeah, I wouldnt say we’re known for having great beer (but it’s much better than fosters).

    And it’s always cold beer. I doubt you could force a warm beer down the neck of many Australians.

    I have tried some decent Mexican beer, but I cant remember any US beers that I would buy twice. Any tips?

    I’m more of a wine drinker than a beer drinker, but I rarely buy the same beer twice when I do buy beer. There’s just so many different beers out there to try. Same with wine, I rarely ever buy a case of wine unless its a mix (of reds).

    MadSilence, I agree.. shock can get tiring pretty quickly. But it gets attention, so artists keep using it.

  8. Donald Frazell says:

    Sam Adams and Sierra are the two biggest independent beers that are good Lots of localy made ones since the 8os, when only the few big breweries made anything. Mexicans beers are excellent, except the biggest selling in the US which is Corona, and sucks like American beers. Bud man thinks its a great beer. yech.

    Pacifico, amber Dos Equis, Carta Blanca, Negra Modelo is great with real Mexican cuisine. Canadian beers also much better, always depends on what i am eating, better with creamy or European spiced meals. LaBatts is good.

    Yeah, only had oil can Australian beer, Fosters and one other. But I also usually drink wine now. Cognac when out at clubs, just saw my girl Tricia Tahara in Beverly Hills with this crazy RandB thing called Club Diva, she blew em away. All heffa’s over singing, one an original Dream Girl, I know another, too much damn drama. But cognac always good when clubbin.

    Tricia sang Sondheim and then Al Greens “Lets Stay Together” far more difficult and deep, takes real skill, than over the top girls can deal with. We are all getting back to basics, quality, the era of silliness and flash is over. Passion must rule once more, not vain neediness. And good food and wine to go with it. When I say we must tend to our gardens, it is far more than literal. The fundamentals of who we are must become paramount, so we can rebuild. Those of us to waited, can now come forth, the feel in teh air is jsut now changing, but quality will rule again. for awhile, nothing lasts forever. Trash always comes back into style. Its a weeding out period, that will take a coupla years.

    But my homegrown vegetables do taste damn good.

    Art collegia delends est

  9. “Quinn showed promise & then got trapped by the desire to provocate & shock. The Moss sculpture isn’t appealing & the sculpted head a waste of valuable human blood”

    Actually Flesh was the piece that made Quinn known. Since it is his own blood I don’t see a problem with it. Sure, he could have donated the blood for medical use instead.

    The gold Kate Moss is just annoying. Not only is it about a fading cover girl… it is also a huge chunck of gold at a time when the global economy is rocky. Waste not want not… or however that goes.

  10. By the way, what happened to that Yale student and her abortion piece? Did it really happen or not? There is still confusion about that. Last I read she got kicked out of school. I can’t even remember her name.

  11. Donald Frazell says:

    If it was decently done I wouldnt care who the subject was. Just sucks technically. Gold cant overcome a lack of creative ability. I do like his casts in blood, they work, as ancient Roman death masks wre interesting. But again not art, but a craft, a skill. Fine, just dont sell me a bill of goods pretending it is something it isnt. Isnt that how we got into the mess we are in?

    Truth. The only thng that matters.


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