Marc Quinn’s Solid Gold Kate Moss Sculpture

I know this is old news, but I have been away from the desk for a bit. The British sculptor Marc Quinn has continued to use the muse of all British artists at the moment; Kate Moss. Miss Moss is now a life-sized solid gold sculpture titled Siren.

Marc Quinn has previously placed Kate Moss in an interesting bronze yoga pose. The teaser photo of the solid gold sculpture that every media outlet seems to have gives little away, so it could be a giant head for all I know.

Mark Quinn's gold Kate Moss Sculpture

In a BBC report Mark Quinn said “I thought the next thing to do would be to make a sculpture of the person who’s the ideal beauty of the moment. But even Kate Moss doesn’t live up to the image”

Marc Quinn is the artist that used his own blood to cast a frozen portrait of himself, which is quite eerie. His marble sculpture of a disabled pregnant woman (Alison Lapper)was also a little different.

Lucian Freud and Banksy are among the many artists to use Kate Moss as a model. This Italian page here has a small gallery of other notable artists that have used the British model for art.

Coxsoft news and Balhatain also mentioned the Kate Moss sculpture on their blogs.

The gold Kate Moss sculpture will be shown in an exhibition at the British Museum called “Statuephilia: Contemporary sculptors at the British Museum” from the 4th of October through to the 25th of January (3 days before my birthday!). Sculptors showing will include Damien Hirst, Antony Gormley, Ron Mueck, Marc Quinn and Noble and Webster.

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  1. Ugh, really. Hasn’t the world seen enough of Kate Moss? Surely there must be dozens of more interesting subjects within anyone’s neighbourhood.

  2. I’ve found a few sources that state that this sculpture is in the same pose as the bronze he made of Moss. He should make her in ice and allow it to melt away–kind of like her career. I don’t think she has the standing that she once had. I could be wrong though. I don’t keep up on celebrity news. :P

  3. I don’t know if we can call!

  4. Yes, we can call it art, just not art some of us like or have an interest in seeing. I am just not sure what statement it is making other that about excess (being that it is made of gold and using a model who peddles excess).

  5. Donald Frazell says:

    Art is a very limited word, stretched to cover far too many activities. Basically, anything visual that does not have a practical Design, architecture, crafts,etc. Though any of these people can be considered artists if they excel and go beyond pure utilitarianism.
    English is a mutt language, made of 3+ foundations. Germanic(Anglo Saxons), Celtic(Britons), and Latin based,(Romans, Normans, who were recently converted Vikings)plus Norse directly(German dialect). Usually thre are plenty of unrelated words to cover various subtleties, but not Art. Shows how much importance the English give to it, and why they basically suck as artists.(Outside about five excellent ones)Exceptions always prove the rule.

    We should look at Art like Music. There are many different categories, the best and most creative in our traditions being European(Baroque,Classical,Romantic,Atonal)
    And American jazz and blues. Plus many lesser forms. Calling many of them artists is a stretch, but is traditionally done.

    Now where does this artist and contemporary art as a whole fit in? Gold chicky statue could be about the level of disco. As is much of art of the last forty years, plus pop, maybe some country western, Techno, rock and punk.

    Some reaching the levels of good folk music(you should hear some of those backwater bluegrass boys, DAMN!), or reggae(But most of that sucks outside of Marley)but none reaching top RandB or funk from the 70s. That takes refined skills. And passion. And a groove. Flow and sensuality.

    Yeah, Disco it is, or Euro gay boy music, Techno. That would fit a yacht on the cote d’azur above.

  6. I don’t know Donald. I don’t mind art being a word that is so open. We have ism this and ism that which seems to categorize things well enough. If we’re unsure about what to call something, just call it “contemporary art.”

    If I had to add a new movement that hasnt been labeled it would be “media whorism” Leaders of the movement would be Koons, Hirst, Banksy (he knows how the media works), and a few other smoothies.

    I think theyre a fascinating group (media whores) that should be talked about as a whole. A lot of artists could learn a lot of valuable skills from these artists. As much as I have fun criticizing them, I also see the lessons they can teach us.

    If I had to choose a music genre for the Jeff Koons yacht above it would be 80s pop as I thought it looked very Miami Vice.

  7. Donald Frazell says:

    These guys are amateurs, we have two National Conventions, one still going on. Talk about media whorism. No one can top that, though contemporary art tries. No other art ever did.

    I dont care what you call it, its just impossible to find anything of value when everything goes under the term art. It becomes meaningless, which I guess is the point. The rich love the absurd, it is entertainment for the decadent.

    Unless people take a stand and say no to PC and consumerism, life has no value. Look above with the guy being fed to the fishes. Get it?

  8. I was wondering how much the people in the national conventions that were crying were paid? Did they get bonuses if they were crying AND waving a flag at the same time?

    I havent watched the republicans, but I could hardly believe my eyes watching barack obama speak at his convention. Politics as entertainment.. interesting.

    Patriotism makes me laugh, so I had a good giggle to myself.

    I dont care who wins as I dont like any politicians, anywhere, period. But I’ll lose a lot of respect for the United States if you guys vote republican again.

    Listen to the wise words of your current leader and don’t get fooled

    “There’s an old saying in Tennessee.. I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee.. that says: fool me once, shame on.. .. shame on you?.. .. Fool me.. you can’t get fooled again.” George W Bush

  9. Donald Frazell says:

    My wifes full time job is at a place called Agape. They sent a choir that sang at teh Dems convention, backing up two different singers Oprah had blackmailed Michael into coming and paying for a Obama fundraiser. Long story. He was on a crazy DVD called The Secret. Which sane people make fun of constantly, but mediocre Hollywood types love. Seen three excellent comidies that made fun of it. On Weeds, gangsta Uturn gave it to the heroine, who then threw it like a frisbie(you got those?)

    They are interracial, though Michaels wife runs the choir and cant stand white people. Dont really blame her. Buncha crazed hippies, left over from the 70s free love, and believe me most did each other among the old ones. But they are all peace, love and happiness. Liberals jsut as stupid as conservatives. Sick. Oprah now regrets backing them, though she was gonna give michael the role her newest guru has, though that guy is fairly intelligent. rare. Retread stuff, but common sense most people just dont have.

    But the Republicans make them look angelic. doubt the overall IQ is in the triple digits. Liked McCain before, but sold out. Woman VP is nuts. God help us.

    Anyway, back to the subject. Oh, already basically covered it in my article. It covers most everything that happens. When will something that is NOT about oneself begin again? You know, Art?

  10. Donald Frazell says:

    Just looked at the limbless statue, its just not very good. Not bad, just kinda bland. Considering the source, it could have been much more powerful. Waht a waste of materials, we gotta get over this peeople. The world has its limits, use them wisely. Enough dumps filled with human excess. And fewer and fewer sources of materials, and the energies to form and transport them. The cost of the crane to lift it is far superior to the actual wort of the “work”. What vanity. Like art really matters anymore, sheesh.

  11. Doing my Pliny the Elder thing from now on. He finshed every speech with “Cartago delenda est”. Carthage must be destroyed.

    Art collegia delenda est.

    Not sure about my latin, whatcha think?

  12. I have a doubt on this, is it paint or metal?



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