Mary Cassatt

Google is celebrating the birth of the American impressionist painter Mary Cassatt with a Cassatt-ized Google logo.

It’s one of my favorite artist tributes from Google. Google does loud and colorful logos well, but this Mary Cassatt logo shows that they can do subtle and neutral colors too. See more Google logos here.

google logo

Mary Cassat was born on the 22nd of May, 1844 in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania and died near Paris, France on the 14th of June, 1926 at the age of 82.

The Mary Cassatt painting in the Google logo is “The Child’s Bath” from 1893. It is owned by the Art Institute of Chicago.

Mary Cassatt - The Child's Bath

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  1. That remainds me of a romanian painter Stefan Luchian – “Lautul”

  2. She often had more of a Corot pallete, with realist sensibilites, more than an impressionist one. With nurturing being the primary emotion, rather than simply recording light as most Impressionists did, though Monet went far beyond this.

    Nice work, but as she often gets labeled as a “woman” artist, I must say I far prefer Berthe Morisot, who was deeper, richer in color, and strong as well as tender in feel.

    She does deserve to be on the logo, better than other true Impreesionists like Sisley, who bored me, as good as Pissaro. If no where near the top level of Moent, the best of Renoir, or Degas, who wasnt a true impressionist either.

    Good to have you back, of the landed aristocracy yet?

  3. Google never stop to make new inovation >.<

  4. I saw your post on Mary Cassatt too – she truly is one of the world’s greatest impressionist artists. I wasn’t happy with the google logo version though. The sentiment to recognize her is good but, google mucked up her style with cartoony brush strokes that leave people new to her genius the wrong “impression” :o) I did like the Mondrian google logo awhile back.
    My digg, “Google logo diminishes Mary Cassatt May 22, 2009″ links to their version and one of my own:
    If you have time, let me know what you think.

  5. I love that Google does this. Thank you for this post, I would have missed Mary Cassatt.

  6. Yeah, I prefer Berthe Morisot too. I wont go into the “woman artist” thing as feminists seem to prowl my blog looking for any excuse to write to

    Still not a home owner. To make a long story short, the bank said I should do my taxes first, then theyll give me what I want. So I have to wait a month for the financial year to finish here. I should have stayed on the road for another month!

  7. what makes google determine artists to commemorate?

  8. I find this Google logo one of the best of theirs I’ve seen. Thanks for pointing it out!

  9. Good for Google. Sure – it isn’t the best artistic representation… but anything that draws awareness to a great artist’s work is always a good thing!

  10. What a lovely touching and intimate painting. And how great of Google to promote it. Thank you for drawing our attention to this.

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