Meaghan Potter Cat Studies

meaghan potter cat studies

I really like these cat studies by Sydney artist Meaghan Potter. She squishes her furry little friends into a circle and leaves us with an abstract pattern that is obviously feline in nature. She says she makes art that revolves around revealing the abstract reality of vision and physical manifestations in nature. Which really just means she looks at cats a little more than most ;-)

Here’s a few of the works from the abstracted cats series. They’re all works on paper. I really like this first picture. Part Asian calligraphy, part abstraction, part tiger.

meaghan potter cat pictureMeaghan Potter – Daisy II, ink on paper

abstracted tigerMeaghan Potter – Internet Cat III, watercolour, acrylic and charcoal on paper

meaghan potter drawingsMeaghan Potter – Luna’s Colours IIII, acrylic and charcoal on paper

internet cat by meaghan potterMeaghan Potter – Internet Cat, charcoal on paper

pussy cat artMeaghan Potter – Kobi, watercolour on paper

See more works by Meaghan at her website here. She also does cat picture commissions, which look more like cats, but I’m sure she could also abstract your pussy like the works above.

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