Meat and Vegetables

I have been grocery shopping and brought home some meat and vegetables.

t-bone steak painting
There’s the t-bone steak for the carnivores.

carrots painting
They say carrots are good for the eyes.

chicken painting
Chicken is a popular.

potatoes painting
Potatoes are boring, I don’t care how they’re cooked.

mince painting
Minced meat for spaghetti bolognese.. mmmm.

bacon painting
And some bacon if you don’t mind eating pink squealy things.

About Dion

Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. Dang, turning into quite a carnivore, arent you Dionysus? Rather like the look of your potatoes msyelf. Meat looking like Chaim Soutines slabs of raw flesh. Like Gaguins ham myself, I tend to the geometric, and even decorative at times. music my thing. Though Goya’s cow head rather interesting, if not sparking pangs of hunger.

    Shiraz goes rather well with lamb though, get your neighbor Kiwis specialty and marinated in wine, olive oil, garlic, onions, and rosemary and mmmmmmmmmm. With tasty rosemary grilled potatoes and Italian dressing and butter asparagus and you gotta feast.

    fatten up for you cali walkabout, we got lots of over 10k foot mountains left that arent burned, yet. like your direction, now gotta go make a omelette with avacados, do you have those? Ambrosia of the gods when made with salsa verde, cilantro, green onions and garlic into guacamole. Not ruined with sour cream or other nasty cheap outs. My Reed avo tree should be producing by next summer. mmmmmmm

  2. I want to share …. I made a series of cookout based photographs last winter, I like food as a subject it poses easily, doesn’t talk back and you can eat the still life. I like the paintings, they are fun, a little pop, I am guessing they will be snapped up quickly by some foodie.

    Here’s mine:

    Pleased to Meat You

  3. Liking the carrots alot

  4. It’s hard not to look like someone that has already owned a subject. I do have Soutine’s meat pics stored in my head somewhere. I can’t picture Gauguin’s ham though.

    Donald, I dont need to fatten up any more! I just need to get fit. I’m also, almost definitely postponing the usa trip for a few months. The tax man isnt the most patient man I have come across.

    Tyler, interesting stuff. And I would have thought paintings of meat would never sell, but that’s ok as Im stockpiling I know that meat doesnt hang well in the bedroom, I have tried it.

    Carrots are good for you too Janet ;-)

  5. They would look great in a carneceria. Got a series of small nudes i always wanted in a restaurant, might have to try your food motif too. Shishkabobs and figs anyone?

  6. I had to look the word up Donald. You spelled it wrong too.. carniceria.

    If I tried to make my paintings a little prettier they might sell well to foodies, but I’m more interested in the paint than the food.

  7. Foodies can like art too. :)

  8. True Hellome.. I should say, the paintings could have been made more palatable to a wider foody audience by doing them a little less expressively.

    I’m not selling any art by choice though. I’m doing an experiment on myself.. testing some thoughts I have been thinking about.

  9. I fully agree with you on the potatoes.
    I like your chicken. Not sure why as bacon would be my food of choice in that selection.

  10. Sorry, I cant spell in many languages, English and Espanol among them. I am trying to get friends to sit for me so i can get a good technique for portraiture, which I would love to do, As Cezanne did, where the subject is no more important than the so called background, they are all one. and reflect who the person is, and their world.

    Artists seldom do portratiture as commission anymore, very common til today when people forgot to learn how to draw, Or when they do are strictly as illustrations, not evocative line. In balance with color and structure, as from is at its fullest when color is at its richest.(the father of us all)

    And these are portraits of the flesh of animal and vegetable. Sell them, together for a nice deli, nothing wrong or denigrative of that, but what art is for. enlivening an area, allowing people to feel life more intelnsely. Galleries and museums are sterile things, art does not belong there.

    Plus need pocket change for walkabouts in foreign climes. Though Cali is similar to Aussieland, even have your eucalyptus trees all over, though dominated by native wild oak and ponderosa pine in the hills and mountains, as well as lots of scrub, most of which has burned in the last two weeks, 250 sq miles in just one fire right above LA.

    Spring is best here anyway. especialy in Yosemite where the multiple waterfalls are flowing from melting snow and the Merced river running through the valley cold and delicious. Though late Octover through december also nice when the Santa Ana winds have died down. Supposed to be an El Nino year, so lots of rain to make for a green and luscious Spring.

    So the tax man cometh, eh? Better than the other inevitability, death. One can put him off for a little longer, but the beast must fed.

    art collegia delenda est

    The potatoes and carrots are still my favorites, guess you are a veggie guy at heart.

  11. I am liking the carrots and the bacon and the way they are painted :)

  12. A couple of ideas for the potatoes, With small red ones, cut in half, fry in butter and olive oil in an iron skillet, some garlic powder and rosemary, maybe some seasoned salt and pepper, and then when browned put in the oven for half an hour. hmmmmmmm

    And large baking potatoes, when done cut to open, with the butter, use garlic powder, celery salt, green onions, and get this, salted roasted sunflower seeds. The kids used to devour those. Not boring at all. LOTS of seeds and onions.

    How about painting a lasagna?

  13. There are endless things you can make with potatoes- never boring!

    I’m feeling a bit hungry now after thinking about food.

  14. Some more Hirst here- not really to do with food but quite amusing.

  15. really like these

  16. Love these! Very expressive. It’s possible that there’s nothing cooler to paint than meat (although the potatoes are my favorite).

  17. I think so very impressive works that chickens are really tricky. =)

  18. Anonymous says:

    many times i have seen paintings of vegetables but never have i witnessed such a scotch broth of truth within the very layers of the paint. still life? ruddy true life more like and a stark and decaying one at that!



  19. Anonymous says:

    many times have i seen pictures of vegetables but never before has such a veritable scotch broth of truth been presented at my banquet of art, embibed within the layers of the expressers medium- PAINT! ( just in case you were unsure what i was discussing)
    the spirited use of colour and shade reproduces a very real ( as a non carnivore, perhaps TOO naturalistic!) quality of bacon. congratulations this is no meat feast! sorry i mean of course no mean feat!!

  20. Thanks for the kind words.

    And I didnt think I would enjoy painting meat as much as I did. They really don’t hang well in the bedroom though. Raw flesh isn’t the most calming thing to look at.

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